August 2015

Our WAREHOUSE and the printing plant which produces CENTER LINE Brick Sheets and HOMETOWN Bristol kits were both hit by a flash flood 11:30 PM July 13th There was extensive loss of finished product and total loss of our supply of the expensive special papers used in these products.  Supplies are limited and future production of these products is uncertain.


Some products may be unavailable at this time. We are too involved with flood cleanup to develop accurate availability records as this update is posted.  Every effort is being made to provide prompt attention to your ORDERS and appreciate your understanding of any delays.


We expect to list undamaged HOMETOWN kits with damaged packages in the YARDSALE in September.

AUGUST 18, 2012

ALL ITEMS WITH SHOPPING CART BUTTONS ON THIS SHOWROOM PAGE  are IN STOCK or IN TRANSIT to us – UNLESS THEY ARE LISTED  BELOW  AS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Exceptions are items marked “Special order”  or “Deposit”.  Status of reservable unreleased kits and  reruns is listed below with our best  current information on unavailable items.   Shopping cart orders for unavailable items will be shipped as promptly as they again become available.   RFR= Reserve For Rerun;  NYA or TBA = New and  unreleased; DWSO = Discontinued when sold out.

Updated 7/1/12

NEW: Burma Shave signs and  Outhouses are in stock in O & HO from HOMETOWN

NEW: Factory Walls from Center Line:   Curtain Wall and Utility Plant Wall

BUY 2 GET ONE FREE WEBSITE SPECIAL ON SELECTED CenterLine  BUILDING SHEETS:  The Center Line sheets are identical in color, size and description to sheets HOMETOWN has offered for several years. After all, Hometown is produced for us BY the Craftsman Lithograph firm.  BUT existing stocks of sheets have the old Hometown product ID printed in the corner where CVL ID is now placed. So we’ll close out the Hometown ID sheets to direct orders only on BUY TWO GET ONE FREE basis as long as the supply lasts—phone or mail orders only. No order limit but give us second and third choices as the supply is limited. Use the CL  ID number but specify WEB CLOSEOUT with your order. Karge size and 8 ½ x 11 are included, byt 2 of same size get one of same size.

GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE Orders for items listed on this update as RFR or NYA are guaranteed the price posted at time of reservation  in the event of a price increase upon release.

SHIPPING FEE    11×17 Sheets of brick, roofing etc have an ADDITIONAL shipping fee of $5 in US on orders  including models/products  from other pages of our website.  This is in addition to regular shipping fee as the  large sheets must be shipped separately  from most other products to assure safe arrival. If your order includes only HOMETOWN and Center Line products from this page the added fee does not apply.

Chateau de Mores  kit is currently unavailable

COMING SOON—watch for pre-release introductory prices in coming months:

The Corner Drug Store  This was a favorite in our  HOMETOWN line in the 70s and 80s

The Roundhouse Another brick favorite from the 70s and 80s redesigned for Bristol Series. Fits ALL turntables.

Clover Farms Corner Grocery  a classic brick one story corner grocery –all new

Doc Kemp’s  House    This favorite Neighbors House from our 70s & 80s  Hometown offerings will return. The brick prototype is three blocks from us here in Roanoke and is now an antique and gift shop.

HOMETOWN STRUCTURE KITS (of difficulty level LD1 ARE SUITABLE FORASSRMPLY BY YOUTH AGES 10 and older. Level LD 2 kits: We suggest age 13 and older. The HO kits are designed for super-detailing using standard Tichy windows and doors for foreground use by more advanced, discerning modelers. .Kit construction requires scissors, rubber cement and a ruler to form sharp bends.  Tape for tacking is suggested and hobby knife is an option many will prefer.

Level Of Difficulty  [ LD1 low-LD10 highest] and Footprint FP in inches:

Gosport Depot building: LD 1; working doors or changing to smaller footprint LD2; FP  7 1/8 x7 ½ or less

NKP Freight House:  LD 1 , dock LD1 ½ ;  FP  office end 3 ½ x 3 ½; freight shed 3 ½ x 8 can be shortened or 2 kits combined to lengthen and have a yard office left over.

Sewell Engine House:  LD 2  (LD1 except roof vents and doors); 4 ¾ x 6

Delta Sharecroppers: LD 1; FP  3 x 5

Eastern Street Federalist House: with attached kitchen: LD2; FP 7 ½ x 4 ¾ ; omitting kitchen:   LD 1; FP 4 x 4 (when “modernized”in the 1900s the kitchen was frequently demolished.

West Chicago St Bungalo: LD 2; FP 5 ½ x 3 ½  + desired bay additions if any + garage.

Mail Pouch Barn:  LD 1;  FP 5 x 3 ½   Note: Bank barns were built into a hillside or had an embankment on far side.

Glen’s & Missouri Mule Barns:  LD1;  FP 4 ½ x3 ¼

Markle Mill: LD2 ½; FP 7×4

Miller’s Saltbox : LD1; FP 3 x 5

Quonset Hut:  Cutting saltbox core LD1 ½ , assembly LD1; FP 5 ½ x 3 ¼  w/ doors sized for HO & N

Sawbucks Manufacturing:LD2, combining kits to larger footprint LD2 ½ ; FP  10×7 ¾  the 10 is readily decreased and kit is designed to be combined with additional kits in longer, wider, X and T  footprints.

Corner Drug Store: LD 2   ½

Roundhouse: LD 2 after assembling wood frames LD 2 ½  (Note the Roundhouse requires purchase of basswood or balsa  1/8x 1/8 strips, cutting and gluing frames. The kit includes injection molded plastic doors). Additional cements/glues and tools are required as a result.

Doc Kemp’s House: LD2 ½

Clover Farms Store: LD1

Tuckers Truck Terminal: LD 1  ½

 Hometown items listed above in red are not in the shopping cart. They may be reserved. Please  see RESERVATIONS  instructions on the ABOUT US page.

Continuous exposure to ultraviolet light (from fluorescent or direct sunlight)will fade colors  of HOMETOWN and CL products in a period of many  months. Intermittent (such as room lighting used a few hours a day) or limited term sun exposure is acceptable. This will also be true of many paints and coloration in plastics used in the hobby.  

Burma Shave Sign Jingles

We’ve been asked “what do the signs say” in our Burma sign collections. We’ve also heard “my layout is too small for all my favorites.” Barb has the solution: at these prices, buy two or three sets and make up your favorites.  Then change them from time to time.  Burma Shave did.  Here are the jingles we’ve selected:


197-20002    (assorted)
Remember this, if you’d, be spared, trains don’t whistle, because they’re scared
Does your husband, misbehave, grunt and grumble, rant and rave, shoot the brute some, burma shave
‘Twood be, more fun, to go by air, if we could put, these signs up there
Old dobbin, reads these signs, each day, you see he gets, his corn that way


Maybe you can’t, shoulder a gun, but you can shoulder, the cost of one, buy defense bonds
Hinky Dinky, parley voo, cheer up face, the war, is thru
One burma shave, the school boy cried, at least, I’ll smell, as if I tried
Slow down, Pa, sakes alive, mas missed signs, four, and five


197-20003          (Safety slogans)
Of all, the drunks, who drive on Sunday, some are still, alive on Monday
At intersections, look each way, a harp sounds nice, but it’s, hard to play
Don’t lose, your head, to gain a minute, you need your head, your brains are in it
Said farmer Brown, who’s bald, on top, wish I could, rotate the crop


Past, school houses, take it slow, let the little, shavers grow
He saw, the train, and tried to duck it, kicked first the gas, and then the bucket
Highways are, no place, to sleep, stop your car, to count your sheep
She kissed, the hairbrush, by mistake, she thought it was, her husband Jake


197-20004          (1950’s)
Dim your lights, behind a car, let folks see, how bright, you are
Angels, who guard you, when you drive, usually, retire at 65
Listen birds, these signs cost, money, so roost a while, but don’t get funny
Here lies, Heaven’s neophyte, signaled left, then, turned right


Her chariot, raced 80 per,they hauled away what had, Ben Hur
Dinah doesn’t, treat him right, but if he’d, shave, Dyna Mite!
He lit a match, to check gas tank, that’s why, they call him, skinless Frank
Don’t, try passing, on a slope, unless you have, a periscope


197-20005          (1930’s)
Within this vale, of toil, and sin, your head grows bold, but not your chin-use
Train approaching, Whistle squealing, stop, avoid that run down feeling
Free! Free!, a trip, to mars, for 900, empty jars
If harmony, is what, you crave, then get, a tuba


197-20006          (1940’s)
Don’t stick, your elbow, out so far, it might go home, in another car
Let’s make Hitler, and Herohito, feel as bad, as old Benito, buy war bonds
Slap, the jap, with, iron, scrap
Car in ditch, driver in tree, moon was full, and so, was he


197-20007          (1950’s)
The hobo, lets his, whiskers sprout, it’s trains-not girls, that he takes out
Substitutes, that promise perfection, are like, some candidates, after election
A man, a miss, a car– a curve, He kissed the miss, and missed the curve
The big blue tube’s, just like Louise, you get, a thrill, from every squeeze


 SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

For some more Burma Shave enjoyment – Click Here



Photos of your super detailed Hometown structure and projects using Center Line structural sheets are welcome. If the May 2012 Model Railroader article on foreground use of card structures (like our Bristol series) inspired you please share your results. We’ve made it easy as the windows and doors in HO HOMETOWN match Tichy’s fine windows and doors. Please send sharp, clear digital or 3×5 prints.

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