September  2014 update



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1)      Email message to mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com listing desired items and your shipping address for UPS and Postal delivery. We will reply with a form request for payment using Paypal. You can use credit cards using this Paypal method. We will have pulled all available items of your order  and prepared them for shipment so allow us a DAY OR THREE  FOR OUR REPLY. Will advise you of any more delay than that. This method works well for international shipments. WE WILL HOLD YOUR REQUESTED ITEMS FIVE DAYS FOR PAYMENT.

ITEMS NOTED “PENDING” or “PENDING SALE” IN ORANGE HAVE BEEN HELD FOR SPECIFIC BUYERS. IF YOU ARE THE BUYER PLEASE NOTE: PROMPT PAYMENT IS EXPECTED.  If we cannot change orange PENDING to red SOLD in next month’s update your hold will be cancelled. In some cases you have not responded to Paypal requests for payment. In other cases our email attempts to reach you have failed or we have slipped up somehow and need to hear from you.

2)      In USA you may place the order by use of our 800 order taker if you first email for confirmation the items are still available. Allow a day or three for our reply since we will be physically checking the shelves as well as our computer records and that process is not done 24/7—we need to spend most of our time packing, or designing kits and other duties here.


Yardsales are final and without warrant. We strive to accurately describe items but cannot inventory all parts in a kit.  Minimum  shipping in US & Canada $10, foreign $22

Except decals & small parts that can be mailed in envelope $8.


We do not search for hard to find items. If not listed here, check each month. We do accept suitable consignment items charging 25% commission with frt prepaid by you  (both ways if not sold soon enough to suit you). We are not interested in listing typical “train show” $2 cars, incomplete or half built kits or defective used merchandise. We do not buy used trains for resale.

PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing delays in filling a handful of Yardsale orders because a few crates were moved hurriedly to avoid potential flood damage in a part of our 3600 SQ FT warehouse.  Most are back in order but a couple are still evading rediscovery as we must concentrate working hours on the new kits being advertised and released and are currently losing a day or two a week for medical treatments. We are making headway and apologize for the delay on some orders. Your patience is appreciated.


AND We were STILL in the process of reorganizing our warehouse storage areas. As you know, when you move something you remember where is WAS but not where it IS—at least I do. Thus a code  in braces [ ] is being placed behind item prices or headings to indicate our  new shelving location. If a hard to find item  isn’t listed here we either don’t have it-or can’t find it to supply you right now.


Most items on this page are out of production    


Currently available items show $Current List/ $ Yardsale price.



Blue items temporarily inaccessible




HO New York Central Passenger F3 A-B-A

Several years ago New River Models factory painted and pad printed a large number of Stewart/Kato  DC diesels for a dealer specializing in NYC.  Well, making the long story short, the lawyer advised  NRM not to ship because of  some dealer shenanigans. They were to retail at $350 a set.  We’ll ship then to you at the dealer’s  net cost $199 per set of two Kato powered F3A and one dummy B new in boxes.  See photo above. The A units do not include headlight lenses.


EMPTY BOX:  TT scale  “Model Motive TT Gauge”  Star Line Models, Mineral Wells, Texas” yellow with brown print  Rubber stamp? Imprint of kit ID  faded and undistinguishable  has  $27price tag  $3  (Location Box811)



new in box  or those marked  “ #”  are  mint in box  unpainted/ factory painted if noted




B&O Q4b Mikado with long vandy tender  unpainted mint $375


Baldwin VO1000 diesel switcher unpainted mint   $95  (ALA)


Erie 2-10-0 factory painted (new) $250


Misc HO MOTIVE kits

Mehano #9380 Articulated rapid transit  car marked #3400 with Boston (T) logo green & white, gray roof  factory assembled $45

Jordan $302 Mack Locomotive unpowered kit $12.95/$9   (2 avail)

Con Cor (same as Monogram) #200 NYC Hudson unpowered kit $25

Bowser #150001 Semi Vanderbilt Tender kit  $25.00  (ALA)

Grandt Line #5127 unpowered GE  Box Cab  kit $30/ $19


BROADWAY LIMITED HO Locomotives ALL ARE DCC/DC with sound new in box 

#012    N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 #1218

#769    B&O E6 A&B #61 & 61X  A pwd,B dmy

#730    PRR A7 A&B #5850A & 5850B  both powered Brunswick Green

#540    NYC  S1B Niagra 4-8-4 #6001

#630    PRR  NW2  EMD Switcher road #9250    $159.00

#753   PRR E7A green #5758A  $189

#243   Wabash 2-8-2 #2735     $229

#242   Wabash 2-8-2 #2730     $229

#108  NYC 2-8-2 USRA  Lt #5115  $229  SOLD

#117  NKP 2-8-2 USRA  Lt #601    $229

#052  PRR M1b  #6762    $289

#024  PRR  J1  #6418      $299

#023  PRR J1  #6170

These are all brand new merchandise in boxes and are DC/DCC  not just DCC ready. QSI sound equipped. One each ONLY remaining of all BLI items. We were an original BLI distributor until radical changes in the BLI business practices caused us (and our dealer customers) to reconsider stocking this line. These are all brand new merchandise never out of our warehouse.  BLI On30 locomotives also available.


STEWART Diesels HO DC    (location STW 1, *STW 2)  New in boxes

We were an original Stewart distributor until the line was sold to Bowser. Listing on this page is all the new warehouse stock we have remaining. We have NO  parts or kits except those listed on this webpage.

The individual F3 and F7 models are Stewart’s early Kato powered imports. Stewart later changed to domestic production (packed as AB sets).


#9110 F7a ph I late  single  headlight undec  $59 *

#9100 F7a ph 1 late 1 hl undec $59

#8035 SOUTHERN F3B ph1 dmy $29 *

#8220 & 8225  CB&Q F3A&B phII   K  B is dmy  $79 * SOLD

#9120 &9121 PRR F7A&B phI both pwd  $109  *

#8520  WESTERN PACIFIC F3A ph II passenger (silver & orng)  as used on Cal Zephyr  K    $59 * SOLD

#9140 &9141 &9141  NEW YORK CENTRAL F7ABB ph1 lightening stripe(1Bdmy,1Bpwd) $149 *

#         C&NW  F3A early frt scheme   K  $59 *

#         PRR  F3A ph  IV on unpowered chassis $40 * SOLD

#         F3,F7,F9 dummy chassis $15 (several avail)

#8145  EL #7062  F3B ph II dmy $29

#5619  C&NW F7 ph 1 early  AB set Buehler powered  $75

#          FTA & dmy B  undec  $80

#          FTB & dmy  (5 porthole) undec  $35

Stewart/New River  NYC F3 ABA Passenger truncated lightening stripe  powd As, dmy B  $199 Kato



#4997 AS16 power chassis $45

#4200 AS16 undec $65

#         VO660  ph lll PRR #5941 $80

#4900 S12 undec  $80

#4720 VO1000 B&O #416  $80

#4800 DS4-4-1000 undec  $80 (2 avail)

#4805 DS4-4-1000 B&O #451 and #460  $80 ea (1 ea avail )

#         DS4-4-1000 Erie #607  $80



#7100 GE U25b PRR #2507   $70

#7210 GE U25b Erie Lackawanna #2501 $55ea (3 avail)

#7043 GE U25b Conrail #2569  $55

#6352 Alco C628 hh N&W #1133  $69  

#6213 Alco C628 Demo #628-1  $69




Other HO    DC locomotives new in box

P2K  #8097 SD7  PRR #8588 w/dynamic brake  $75

Walthers #932-1310 Fairbanks Morse H10-44  CNJ #9703  $75

Walthers #932-1359  EMD SW1 C&NW #1212  $40

Atlas #7042 FP7 Diesel Union Pacific   $39

Atlas #8381 RS36 undecorated $65

AHM FM Dummy B unit B&O  $10

Life Like (Walthers) #433-8301 B&O Dockside 0-4-0T  $26

Athearn Blue Box #3341 PB-1 Powered undec $49 (2 avail)

Athearn Blue Box #3471? U30C PRR dummy $24

Athearn Blue Box #3630 FP45 undec dmy $22

Athearn blue box #3309 PA1 Erie Lackawanna powered $49 ea  (6 avail)

Athearn blue box #3343 PB1 New York Central powered $49 ea  (3 avail)

Athearn Blue Box #3485 Auto Train U33B and dummy  both $65

-Athearn Blue Box #3923 Conrail SW1500 dummy $19

-Athearn Blue Box #3906 Family Lines SW1500 $39

-AtheaRN BLUE BOX #4971 4CSX C44-9 DUMMY $ 24 SOLD

-Athearn  blue box #4724  CSX GP40-2 DUMMY $24

Atlas #8035  PRR Alco C425  $60

Athearn blue box FP45 Chassis,motor trucks complete & new $23.

Bachmann #61502 AT&SF    F9 A surprisingly smooth running loco  for low cost $25ea (4 avail)

Atlas #8114   RS1  Kansas City Southern  $60 (location box Loc1)

Life Like P2K    CPR  FA dmy, FB  $30 the pair script  (Box Loc1)

Atlas #8150  RS3  Canadian Pacific #8150  script lettering $65




Large assortment of new Athearn Blue Box shells just arrived from a hobby shop. Check early for April update.

Cannonball rectangular  tender body part set (inj molded styrene) $9.50 a set (6 avail)

Red Ball tender body (same tender as above) die cast metal parts $9.50 ea (4 avail) pending

Stewart- parts listed on  below.

Railpower #141 Air Conditioner 9-44CW  $2.00

Railpower #142 Exhaust Stack  9-44CW  $1.00

Precision Scale #3916 screens $2/$1.00

Overland #9568  Spark Arrestors(2) C&O, SRR  F/FP  $2

CANNON & COMPANY  HO diesel kitbash & detail PARTS

#1102 EMD Toilet Hatch $2.50/$1.50 (2 avail)

#1504 EMD SW Cab $8.50/$5.00 ea (4 avail)

#1103 EMD  81” low short hood $6.95/$4.00 ea (4 avail)

#1104 EMD  88” low hood $6.95/ $4.00 ea (2 avail)

#1502 EMD 35 line cab $7.95/$5.00 ea (2 avail)

#1101 EMD Sort high hood GP SD 35-50  $6.95/$4 ea (5 avail)

#1402 Radiator Grilles & Shitters $3.50/$2.50

#1301 Inertial Filter Screens $2.95/$2 (4 avail)

#1401 Radiator Screens $2.95/$2 (2 avail)

#1302 Inertial Filter Screens $2.95/$2.00  (4 avail)

#1107 Recessed Brakewheel Sides $2.95/$2

#1601 Angled Blower Housing $3.50/ $2.50

#1901 Angled Filter Box $2.95/$2.00 (4 avail)


#1856 Railpower  SD60

#1863 Railpower GP35

#1876 Athearn (bluebox) F45/FP45

#1873 Railpower 8-40CW  gull wing narrow post

#1854 Railpower C32-8

#1859 Railpower CF7 round caB

#1855 Railpower C30-7

#1860 Railpower 8-40B

#1858 Railpower CF7 Topeka angle cab

#1857 Railpower B23-7

ATHEARN BLUE BOX HO LOCO SHELLS Factory painted  new $9 EA (one each avail)

Note- These were just “rediscovered” and some have sale pending status.

F7A  one or two headlight undecorated 3/$12.50

U28B:  BN green #5450; N&W #1903 blue;

U30C: C&O #3310; SP #7151

U33b: Seaboard Coast Line #1723

SW calf: Southern

 F7A:  CN wet noodle-red nose; C&NW

GP35: B&O Chessie #3547

GP38-2: ICG #9623

SD40-2: SOO white &red #6604; L&N family #8104; B&O Chessie #7614;  NW

SD45: Seaboard #1170

Shells are from a hobby shop that stocked all shells to interchange on chassis and pare inventory of powered & dummy units


BLI Dry Transfers for UP E7ABB sets: $3.50ea:

#723 City of Los Angeles; #724  City of San Francisco


STEWART RS3 Shells new in factory pkg  $17.50 ea unless noted  NOITE: These have just been rediscovered and some have “sale pending” staus.  We also just discovered some Atlas Alco (not RS3)  shells (undec) and parts to be listed soon. SALE PENDING ON SEVERAL


C&NW #1618   and #1616 (2avail)  hood w/handrail, frame & cab  yellow

New York Central  hood w/cab, frame  #5512 black  $12.50

D&H  #4126  hood w/handrail, frame  & cab blue

NH #546 hood, frame, cab, handrail orange &black

PRR #8605 hood,frame,cab,handrails Brunswick green (2 avail)

Rock Island ##474 hood,frame, cab,handrails  maroon

CNJ #1550  hood,frame,cab,handrails  green also 1 avail less handrails $12.50


S Scale


Wabash Valley F unit  shells (box 811-2)


A Lehigh Valley (2 avail)   $17.50 ea SALE PENDING

A Dark blue unlettered and A Cornell Red unlettered  (1 ea) $12.50 ea


N Scale

Life Like #778  AT&SF 0-6-0T  $30


On30 new in pkg

Broadway Limited

#903 D&RGW C16 2-8-0 #$268 Bumblebee paint scheme

#900 D&RGW C16 #268 black

#904  RGS 2-8-0  DC/DCC w/sound  $239  (2 avail)

Yes, these are all DC/DCC  WITH SOUND–NOT just DCC ready. New in boxes



AHM 0-6-0T #7111powered assembled AT&SF $35

Hawk San Francisco Cable Car plastic kit, unpowered  $25   (ALA)_

(2 rail scale DC  locos, cars less T&C unless noted—new in boxes)

AHM  IHB 0-8-0 (unpowered) plastic kit $90

Weaver – new 2 rail DC diesel locos  at 45% off list price

FA&FB set (both pwd) $290 for the AB pair:   Reading, Great Northern ;     

RS3  $135 Rock Island



Faller #3827  “E Train” powered  $30











 Updated  September 2014







Buy any two LaBelle passenger car kits on our PASSENGER CAR SHOWROOM PAGE and receive 20% savings or any three LaBelle passenger car kits (O or HO) and receive 30% savings. This offer expires September 30, 2014 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer applies ONLY to orders placed using the website shopping cart which will charge full price. Your savings will be refunded through Paypal.


HO CAR CLEARANCE SALE  Buy any FIVE passenger car kits by LaBelle or brass LTD car kits/side sets on our PASSENGER CAR SHOWROOM page and/or Rivarossi passenger cars on this YARDSALE page and receive a FREE  Cannonball Car Shops  WWII Troop Car core kit and a pair of styrene troop sleeper sides FREE.  Since our supply is limited on YARDSDALE listings, orders must be placed by email message. See detailed procedure at top of FREIGHT CAR listing on this YARDSALE page.  Offer expires September 30, 2014. Multipaks count as one unit of the five required, LaBelle discount offer cannot be combined with this offer.



A large collection of (mostly) unboxed new and barely used (as shelf displays)  passenger cars is arriving soon. Proper listing should begin with our August updates. Many will be listed as lots with steam and diesel power for specific railroads (PRR, L&N, Wabash, NKP, Southern, B&O, NYC that we are aware of at this time).


NYC DISPLAY TRAIN #1 –  8 fluted side streamlined cars by Con Cor equipped with KD: NYC  #2579; Empiree State #687; NYC “Levi Morton”:; NYC #2573; Empire State Express baggage; unlettered coach (2); Empire State Express Observation “Franklin D Roosevelt”.  Minor cleanup required  $79 for set of 8 as is unbroken, unboxed.

C&O DISPLAY TRAIN #2  The Chessy Train set by Con Cor includes streamline shrouded  4-6-0 and 6 fluted side cars in aluminum and tangerine colors- dome, domed observation, baggage, cars  1702,1603,1921  $160 for the set of loco, tender,6 cars



Holgate & Reynolds #PC700  C&NW  Dbl Deck Commuter Coach kit w/trks   $23

Branchline  NYC 2 tone gray 3 pack HW styrene coach kits #2047,2017,2025   $110  

Bethlehem Car Wks #1303 AT&SF Baggage Express #202-205 wood kit  $40

Beth Car Wks  (sparrows Point Div) #SP9 Colorado Midland Baggage #313 wood kit $75 (2avail)

MHP Wright Enterprises undec kit #WE50065S  Pennsylvania RR 83’ Sleeper Lounge  5 bedroom    

                       smoothside (formed metal) w/wood roof&floor   $22

WESTWOOD wood kit w/plastic details B&O Royal Blue 1890s narrow vestibule 67ft Combine $19 ea (1 avail) SALE PENDING

 Bargains-These items currently available  $list price/ $yard sale price

Bethlehem Car Works #610 B&O Class A-e Coach (plastic kit, metal & plastic details)$$40/$26.50  1 (two

Beth Carr Wks #221 B&M/Maine Central CV1 63’ Suburban steel combine  (plastic sides)$30/$20(2 avail)

Beth Car Wks #2310A Pullman HW plan 2410 Ice Activated AC (brass sides) $67.50/$44.50

(roads purchasing when Pullman sold:DL&W,C&EI.PRR.NYC,CN,Wab, B&M, )


Long unavailable HO Plastic Kits/assembled , new in box unless or noted unboxed(new)

Misc Manufacturers:

Athearn blue box #1860 HW Pullman undec  $12

Varney Aerotrain dummy loco #2883 and rear car #     gray   pair $19

Bachmann #1301 Amtrak Metroliner dummy  $17

Walthers #932-6320 Budd  85ft Grill Diner  undec $29 ea PENDING

Con Cor #223-7106  85ft Coach fluted SOUTHERN   $20 ea (2 avail)

Athearn blue Box #1161 Work Train RPO Baltimore & Ohio $9

Con Cor #1-000731 85ft Strmlnd Observation fluted side full length undec $17.50

Com Cor #1-000721 85ft Strmlnd  Dining Car  fluted  full length undec  $17.50

Con Cor Strmlnd COACH 85 ft fluted side full length undec $17.50

MDC Roundhouse Palace Car#60820 kit (wood style, full length) Observation AT&SF $14

MDC Roundhouse Palace Car  #60840 ATSF Diner$14 ea (2 avail)



#932-6242 REA Exporeess Reefer 50’ steel $12

#932-10016 Illinois Central HW 12-1 Pullman $37

#932-6366  PRR Budd Slumbercoach currug side $29

#932-5352  Rock Island Budd 10-6 Sleeper corrug side $29

#932-6729  C&O  PS 5-6-4 Sleeper  smoothside  $37

#932-6789 C&O  PS  64 seat coach smoothside  $37

 #932-6857 CN  Pullman plan 4140 10-6 Strmlnd Sleeper fluted  silver/black  $20

#932-9032  GN  AC&F RPO-Baggage (current production @$44/98)  $22  ea (2 avail)

Rivarossi HO  $17.50 each  unless noted. No interiors. New in box unless noted- unboxed were hobby shop display models

Lehigh Valley  HW coach

Great Northern smoothside observation

Florida East Coast Pullman Panama  corrugated

MP Colorado Eagle Pullman Eagle Hill smoothside Pending

GM&O smoothside coach  (2 avail)

CN  Smoothside Coach  2 tone gray, wet noodle logo

DL&W HW Diner (Pullman green)

D&H     HW  Day Coach #264 unboxed

C&NW smoothside Coach

C&NW  smoothside  Pullman  “Roomette” $15.00   (2 avail  unboxed)

C&NW smoothside  Pullman “Northern Forest”  $15.00  (unboxed)

Santa Fe smoothside blue  Pullman   $15.00  (unboxed)

Lackawanna dome car (smoothside streamlined) [Box]

New Haven HW Pullman “Fox Point”

New Haven Baggage/RPO    (box fair cond, car  new & OK 

Lackawanna HW Pullman “Scenic Slope”#2839/0 

BN  smoothside Pullman #235   #2850/0   (2 avail, 1 not boxed)

SP Roomette Sleeper smoothside red & silver “Golden Flake” #2342/0

RF&P Roomette Sleeper  smoothside car#389    #6589/0

UP smoothside “Overland” Pullman (gray)  “American Forum” unboxed++

UP smoothside Coach (gray)  (2 avail) Pending

Amtrak smoothside Baggage (Box 11)

UP HW Pullman  (gray) (5 avail) Pending

AT&SF HW Observation  (green) (2 avail)  Pending

New York Central  HW Diner  Pending

Southern Crescent HW Combine (green)  Pending

The following“1930”  Smoothside streamliner cars have interiors

Great Northern roomette Poplar River  $24

PRR Streamlined RPO  $28

PRR  Smoothside “Tail Car”  “Tower View” $28 

Missouri Pacific  Roomette  $22 ea (2 avail)

Amtrak  Coach (7  avail) $22 ea

“1920” Heavyweight with interiors

Union Pacific  Pullman gray (6 avail)  $23 ea

Southern Crescent  Combine green (2 avail) $23 ea

Eastern Car Works HO undec styrene Kit with trucks less wheels   [S1].

We were an Eastern Car distributor stocking all kits and parts UNTIL THE FIRM CEASED SHIPPING PRODUCT TO ALL DISTRIBUTORS. Whether they are “hibernating” or “out of business” we have not been advised. Our remaining inventory, the items listed here,  are the ONLY ECW product we can  supply

ECW COMPLETE Passenger KITS (injection molded styrene- undecorated)

1330 Stainless Steel Sleeper   4-4-2  $20

1123 HWT PRR P70fbr w/6 wheel trks  Coach $24  (3 avail) SOLD

1201 Smoothside RPO/Baggage $15ea

ECH Cores

#1399 Budd Car Core  $10ea  (3 avail)

E&B VALLEY FACTORY DECORATED KITS (same molds as ECW- E&B was predecessor)

4803 Union Pacific Dormitory/Parlor/Lounge  smoothside  $29

3503 Amtrak Coach/Combine corrugated $29



HO Used Passenger Bargains


HO Collector’s Corner- used

American Flyer by AC Gilbert Co, USA  Coach die cast metal carbody in intact condition. Painted green with black roof paint in bad condition, chipped & worn. L/trucks L/box  $19.00



MDC Roundhouse #2930 Toggle Coupler Arm for use w/MDC Passenger trucks  (3pr) $1.25

Pikestuff Cal Zephyr  tunted Dome #PH01 $5.25/$3 (2 avail)

 E&B VALLEY (ECW Predecessor- same molds but decorated kits) Smoothside Passenger Car sides & ends only  factory  painted, lettered

Diner dark black   $6.00  (3 avail)

UNION PACIFIC   2 dining  cars  yellow  7.00 ea

GREAT NORTHERN Empire Builder   3 cars: RPO, Bedroom, Observation 3/$24.00


TRAIN  #1 : Diner ; Vista Dome; Coach; 2 Roomettes    $69

TRAIN #2  (2 trains avail) : w/interior: 2 Vista Domes (2); Roomette; Diner  wo/interior:  2 Coaches  withiout interior $90.00 ea


Bachmann Auto Train Auto Carrier car  unboxed, 1 stirrup broken off   $15

BARGAIN PARTS—LTD dbl etched brass Sides w/ slight surface blems

LTD C&NW  ACF Baggage car sides & doors  $26

LTD REA Express Reefer Sides,ends $25 or $35 w/plastic core kit & hatches (4 avail)

LTD REA/NYC inside door Express-troop conversion  blemished  $25 (2 avail) and worse $15 (1 avail)or add $8 for troop core kit

LTD M&StL express car troop conversion sides blemished $25  or adds $8 for core kit

LTD PRR P38 Coach (WWII troop) $25 or $30 w/ steel arch roof (4 avail)

LTD B&O modernized A18 coach (picture window) sides w/.blunt ends blemished $26.,50

LTD B&O B8 Baggage car sides & doors blemished $26 ea  (4 avail) SOLD

LTD B&O C17 express Troop Car Conversion blemished or discolored $20 (2 avail) or $25 (3 avail) add $8 for troop core kit

LTD B&O C15 Express Baggage car sides blemished/discolored  $15 worst (12 avail); $20 (3 avail); $30 best (6 avail)

LTD B&M 4 door Express Baggage badly  blemished $20 or add $8 for troop car core kit

LTD B&M 2 door Express Baggage blemished  1 ea $20 and $25 or add $8 for troop car core

LTD B&M 2 door NOT blemished- as built no drip spouts (from first test sheet) $30 or add $8 for core

LTD Baggage/Express doors grab bag  3 different door pairs  $5  several bags avail – no choice on #



Con Cor new boxed Hoosier Line (Monon) set/ Red & gray scheme  F3 A & B; 3 passenger cars, recording .  (no end label on box)  $150


O SCALE   (2 scale rail locos, cars less T&C unless noted—new in boxes)

All Nation #5000  Norfolk & Western HW 65ftr Baggage Coach kit (metal sides, wood roof,cast ends)  $37 (AEA)

Rail Chief Combine woiod kit $25  (AEA)

ICC (Indpls Car Co) #810 Streamlined Chair Car inj molded styrene kit  $35.00 ,

Main Line Express reefer kit (wood)  $10 ea: CPR,  MP,  IC










FREIGHT and MofW CARS                    

Updated September 2014


CHOOSE YOUR SALE. We offer a choice of 2 sales during September 2014. These promotions cannot be combined.



Purchase any two LaBelle  and/or Tichy kits from the FREIGHT CAR SHOWROOM PAGE and receive a 20% savings OR any four LaBelle or Tichy kits  and receive a 30% savings.  Shopping cart will charge full price, we will refund your savings by Paypal.  This offer expires September 30,k 2014 and cannot be coimbined with any other offer. Offer  applies to orders placed using our website shopping cart ONLY .



FREE CAR CLEARANCE SALE includes all HO freight cars in this YARDSALE listing—on a first come, first serve basis.

Buy any TEN  HO freight car kits from our YARDSALE  and/ or FREIGHT CAR SHOWROOM page (including brass troop car conversion sides and receive FREE, your choice:


1)      A five pack of the Cannonball Cart Shops HO PS1 undecorated boxcar kits as described on the FREIGHT CAR SHOWROOM page.  OR

2)        ONE battered gondola kit as described on FREIGHT CAR SHOWROOM page  OR

3)        ONE Cannonball Troop Car core kit AND pair of styrene  troop sleeper sides to build your MofW train or troop train (or to build a converted troop car using our brass sides.).

Multipacks of cars count as ONE of the ten units for required purchase regardless of number in pack.  YARDSALE inventory and FREE cars are subject to available inventory.


Due to the limited supply  (mostly one only) of YARDSALE cars, phone orders CAN NOT be Accepted for this sale.  Please do not phone our order taker for availability advice. Send E MAIL to mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com listing desired cars, giving full shipping address.  We will respond with Paypal request for payment if all are available-or advise which are not.  Give us 1-3 days to respond as we must physically check to ascertain item availability. Your order will be held for 3 business days for payment before releasing Yardsale requests to others on a first come basis. This offer expires SEPTEMBER 30, 2014. Items listed in blue are not available for this clearance.





new in box  or those marked  “ #”  are  mint in box  unpainted/ factory painted if noted



NYC Caboose, wood type 24ft,  offset cupola   mint  $165


Wabash Standard Steel Caboose  new  $150

SUNSET (all are new)

PRR H25 Hopper new  $85

PRR H21 Hopper $75.00 unpainted

OVERLAND (all are new)

Jordan Spreader Model A- 1912 era  OMI #3268  $295

NKP “1366” Wartime (ex boxcar) Caboose  OMI1188  $210.

Wabash Stock Car #1500-15399  (unpainted)  OMI #3264 $150

Burro Crane Model 30 (1940-50s) OMI 3148  $350  SOLD

Jordan Spreader  (modern)  OMI 1397  “w/large snow blade and mid cab UP, WP” $255 unpainted

N&W 3Bay 70T H4  Hopper (steel rebuilt version) $125.00 unpainted SALE PENDING

N&W 3 bay 70T H4 Hopper (composite version)    $125.00 unpainted SALE PENDING

NS Roadrailer Mark V  48ft adapter trailer   factory painted$ 65.00

NS Roadrailer MarkV   48ft standard trailer factory painted$ 65.00

UP Roadrailer MarkV   48ft standard trailer  factory painted$ 65.00

NYC Flex van Mark IV car #6865-6899 w/XL70 trucks $125.00

Oriental Limited (all are new)

#894  C&O Auto Boxcar steel w/end doors #9500-9999  $75.00 unpainted

#734  PRR H39  Hopper  $75.00 unpainted


#4029 4 Wheel hopper car (Japanese) factory ptd black $5



HO Freight & MofW  Cars new in box unless noted


WOOD & METAL HO  KITS new in box unless noted

Note: Vintage railcar kits typically do not include trucks,cplts

Ambroid  Tobacco Hogshead Kit  (box quite worn) $12 SOLD

Durango Press #DP31 Rotary Snow plow  kit  $109.95/85.00

Roller Bearing Models (epoxy) #500 Pullman Troop Sleeper $12

Red Ball (Newton 50s production) Rotary Snow Plow $75


Long Unavailable PAINTED & LETTERED Molded PLASTIC  KITS/or factory assembled   new in box

MISC HO Manufacturers

Bowser #40250 B&O #3105 55T Fishbelly Hopper factory assembled Exec Line $25

Kato #38-0204 Monon  AC&F Covered Hopper 3 pack kit bcred $45

IHC #35161 WABASH 50ft dbl plug door boxcar  $7.50

IHC #4304 Ma & Pa Old Time Ventilated Boxcar $7.50

Atlas #20000359  ACF 90ft Flat Erie Western #250084  $35

Atlas #29999360  ACF 90ft Flat Erie Western #250098  $35

Athearn  assembled FMC Boxcars   Erie Western $29ea:  Rd#9015; 9028; 9040

Atlas Trainman  3 pack  3bay coal hoppers  N&W (2), VGN  assembled  $40

Atlas Trainman  #2968  Conrail hopper $8

E&C Shops #0303  B&O (Chessie) 50ft PS1 Boxcar #471445 $10

Athearn   #8133 C&NW Flat car 3845 w/2 John Deere Ford trucks  assembled $21

Bev Bel MA & PA (Maryland & Pennsylvania) 50ft PS1 Boxcar blue  $15

-TMI #2968 Conrail 36ft Offset 2 bay hopper $7

TMI #2954 NKP  36ft Offset 2 bay hopper $7

AHM #5270-05 DT&I All Door Boxcar blue  $4       

-Bachmann #43-1031-02  Santa Fe 55ft Cylindrical Hopper $5 SOLD

-Bachmann #43-1031-G7 Govt of Canadas 55ft Cylindrical Hopper orange  $5

Ulrich  NKP triple offset  hopper metal  kit $12 

Bev Bel/LL   NE Caboose  D&H  gray large shield, blue roof #47580  $4.00    

Bachmann #72748  4 wh Caboose B&M assnld   $5

-Robins Rails #6905 Conrail  Greenville 60 ft boxcar  double plug door  $8

-A Line Thrall Container Car undec #26100 (2 end units) & #26102 (2 intermediate units)  $40 for the set-

A Line #2800 Greenville boxcar undecorated $13

-Schaefer Rail Products 89ft Auto Rack undecorated  $13 each: 1000 Tri Level  (4 avail); #2000 Bi Level (3 avail) SOLD

-Custom Rail 89ft Auto Rack  $23 each: #4406 Conrail bilevel; #4530 Conrail tri level

Central Hobbies/Cannonball   NYC PS1 Boxcar hade green $8 (AR) PENDING

Cannonball 40ft PS1 boxcar Monon #154  $8 (AR) PENDING

Cannbonball   PS1  British Region anniversary car  $8

Bowser #55103 N&W 45ft 3 bay Hopper #14999 $10

Atlas #1353-1 Illinois Terminal 50ft Precision Design Boxcar          $21

Eastern Car/New River  PRR G26 65 ft Mill Gondola painted & lettered $19 PENDING

Model Power 3 Bay 45’ Hopper #9171 Conrail    $6.50 

Mantua #82400  Steel Boxcar 40 ft kit undec  $8.00 ea (3 avail)

Tichy #1003  GSC 53’  Flat factory painted SOO LINE  $9.

Tichy #1004  GSC  53’ Flat factory painted Union Pacific #58000  $9

Tichy #1043 War Emergency Gondola factory painted NYC #711466 (oxide red)  $17.95


Accurail HO kits  new in box

B&O #22002  ACF 3 Bay covered Hopper #602046 from 6pak  $13

NYC  #7510  Triple Bay AAR Hopper $14

CN (wet noodle) #7512 Triple Bay AAR Hopper $12

DT&I  #9364  DT&I Tri Level Auto Rack $15  PENDING

GTW  #9365 Grand Trunk Tri Level Auto Rack  $15

RDG from 6 pak 22002 Reading ACF 3 bay Cvd Hopper   $12

EL  from 6 pak 22002 EL  ACF 3 bay Cvd Hopper $12

C&O  from 6 pak 22002 C&O  ACF 3 Bay Cvd Hopper $12

L&N from 6 pak 22002 L&N ACF Cvd Hopper $12

CR  from 6 pak 22002 Conrail ACF 3 baY Cvd Hopper  $12

D&TS  #5273 D&TS 50ft AAR dbl door Boxcar  $10 

NKP#7508 NKP triple hopper $10

W&LE Oregon Rail special run  (original W&LE)  2 bay steel hopper black #59549  $13.00


B&O #99303 B&O Tri Level  $30

WAB #99208 Wabash BI Level $30


Athearn Blue Box HO  new in box

 85 ft Flat with containers  $12 ea:

SP kit 7607

UP kit #7608 

TTX kit #7603 Trailer Train

 40ft steel boxcar factory painted  boxcar red  $7.50  

HW RPO and Baggage cars in B&O, BN work train paint- see passenger list above

NP  #1266 Cupola Caboose  Northern Pacific  $6  [ALR] SOLD

 #1624  50’ Steel Reefer undec   $5.50 ea  (5 avail )

 #1774  Stock Car  undec  $5.00

Blue Box  40ft Steel Boxcar undec , factory  painted  boxcar red  $9 ea (10 avail)

#5440 34ft 2 bay Rib side  Hopper Car  undec $6 ea (4 avail) SOLD

 HW baggage #1142 Baggage car  BN work—boxcar red very little printing$8or $5 less trks (6 avail)

 HW Baggage #1141 Baggage Car B&O work –boxcar red large logo  $8ea or $5 less trks (6 avail) -Athearn

SBD  # 5171  Seaboard Razor Back Trailers (40 ft) (2 in box) $8

TTX  #2016 Trailer Train 85ft A/P flat $8

SHPX  #1525 Shippers Car Line 63ft Tank Car $8

TTX  #2001 TTX 86ft Flat $8 ea   (4 avail)

SP #2006 Southern Pacific 86 ft Flat $8 each (6 avail)

 Blue box#1274 Work Caboose (crane render) undec    $6 each (2 avail)

#5550 Impak Ends undec $6

#1249 Steel Cupola Caboose undec  $8 SOLD

WP  #1984 Western Pacific 86ft hi cube boxcar  $9

 #5900 Husky Stack Car undec $10

Gunderson Husky Stack $8 ea:

#5902 Trailer Train late (2 avail);

#5901 Trailer train early;

#5903 Greenbrier Leasing;

#5905  Coe RR Leasing


Athearn Blue Box HO – Aftermarket decorated

 ( RR=Road Runner; BB = Bev Bel;  NR = New River

 GATX by BB 42’ Chemical Tankk black, bullsc eye logho #7664  $14

]L&I Custom  for Columbus IN Club   Louisville & Indiana  plug door boxcar   rd #s 286316; 286375    $15 ea

NKP by BB@1380 40 ft Steel Boxcar #13799 tuscan red  $15

B&M by BB  #878-1  B&M Guilford “Live Free or Die 50ft ACF Boxcar $15 (white,blk ends #3258)

NW  by NR Cupola Caboose NW bright red, pad printed white NW  $15ea (5 avail)

N&W by NR Cupola Caboose N&W bright red, pad printed white N&W “hamburger” $15ea (5 avail] (Bay½)

WAB by NR Cupola Caboose WAB upper white only is painted w.blue print Wabash & flag logo. ———————–For adding Tyco streamlined cupola and then painting red  $15 (1 avail)

Skelly by BB  Chem Tank Car  rd#91054  $12.00

PRR by BB   Pennsylvania  40’ Boxcar  shadow  keystone #603518    $10.00

Star Meats Pure Lard   by BB silver CHEM tank car #74403  $12.00 

D&H by Bev Bel?  D&H I Love New York boxcar #50006 $13;

RDG by BB ?  Reading green (yellow band)#18524 boxcar $13

LOAM  Rail Runner  #172 Louisiana Midland 50ft boxcar $10

TTAX Walthers #932-9005 TTAX Trailer Train 85 ft Flat Car  $12

NKP by Custom Finishing/Oregon Rail  NKP  Blue Box hopper car #s avail: 62570; 63235; 62203;63777 $12 ea

CR by RR #187 Conrail 55ft Covered Hopper $9

REAL COLD by Walthers  #932-9009 FGNR “Real Cold” 57ft Reefer #13308  $9

CR by Rail Runner #186 Conrail 55ft Center Flo Covered Hopper $9

GE Plastics-Lexan   by BB  PS 54ft Rib Side Covered  Hopper $13

Con Cor HO freight car kits (painted styrene new in box)

N&W Flat w/trailer #9282    $12


SRR  #9205 Southern Ry

TTX  #9202 Trailer Train

 PS1 Boxcar plug door  $8 ea:

 CR kit#9456   

CB&Q kit #9451

 PS1 BOXCAR $8ea:   

SRR kit#9405 Southern


MILW kit #9513 Milwaukee;  

SOO kit #9514 Soo Line;

CR kit #9504 Conrail

FUEL FOILER   BN #2910 BN (decals incl)  2 end, 2 center cars $15

TTX  #2904 Fuel Foiler kit of 2 end & 2 center cars w/Trailer Train Decals $15 SOLD

100T COAL HOPPER  $8 ea

WM kit # 9354 Western Maryland  15P;

N&W kit #9357 Norfolk & Western 15P;  

C&O Chessy  100T Coal Hopper #9315

PRR 12P; #9802 

B&O #009352  B&O  15 panel    

GREENVILLE BOXCAR DT&I   #9608   60ft Greenville Boxcar green, compass herald. SOLD

Details West  50 ft  boxcars new in box HO

P&W (Providence & Worchester) kit896 smooth side plug door $9.00

PC  insulated kit #707 $7.00

 SOO  #802 Soo Line 50ft smooth plug door boxcar $7  (AR)

Rock Island  #80450’ smoothside PD box   Rock Island,  $9

Body shell, ladders & BW only  (2 ea road  avail) $5.00 ea new in box:

Fruit Growers Express

Norfolk & Western



Front Range new in box HO

D&TSL decorasted by Accurate Finishing @1005  50ft Auto Car blue $12

PRR #4074  40’ Rivet Side Boxcar 8ft door $7

CSX/C&O  #227913 2 Bay cylindrical cement covered  hopper $10

D&RGW 2 bay  cement cyl hopper kit 4401  $10.00

MKT 2 bay cement cylindrical covered hopper kit #4321 $10.00

NW 2 bay cement cylindrical covered hopper kit #4410 (2 avail) $10.00 ea

CSX/B&O  #227278 2 bay cement cyl hopper kit #6016 $10.00

B&O  50ft Thrall dbl door boxcar kit 5103  $10.00

CB&Q  Center Beam Thrall flat car kit #45001   $10

L&N #200027  3 bay cylindrical hopper blue  kit 4306  $9.00

Rock #133413 3 bay blue cylindrical covered hopper kit 4311 $9.00



LifeLLike (not P2K) HO

CB&Q #8513  2 bay covered hopper $5 ea (3 avail)

RF&P LifeLike #8528   RF&P  Evans 50’ Boxcar  $7.50

Bev Bel /LL 50’ Evans Boxcar Bangor & Aroostook bold red,white & blue 7215 $7.50

Bev Bel/ LL 50’ Evans 50’ Boxcar  SP #17459 “Eugene Oregon”   $7 .50

Bev Bel #19980TR   50’ Evans single door boxcar tuscam unlettered $6.ea    (3 avail)

GB&W  #8990 Green Bay and Western Thrall Door Boxcar yellow  $6

IT  # not on box Illinois Terminal Thrall Door Boxcar yellow $6

ICG  #8441 Illinois Central Gulf Flat Car w/ containers $4  (2 avail)

BAR  #8431 Bangor & Aroostook  50ft Boxcar  Reed White & Blue $4

PEABODY e #8435  100T Hopper Car Peabody Coal $4

59ft PD Boxcar  Eat It All Cone- Maryland Cup Corporation   $6.00

B&O Chessy #8434 B&O (Chessie) 100T hopper car $4


McKeen HO kits new in box

Undec #775 40’ PS1 Boxcar dbl door $8

GM&O #724  40ft PS1 Boxcar $7

P&LE #728 40ft PS1 Boxcar (jade green) $7

PRR #731 40ft PS1 Boxcar keystone logo  $7

Monon #1324 2 bay Cylindrical Covered Hopper car #52052  $12

BN   #226 Burlington Northern 12 panel 3 bay hopper #526430  $8

PRR   #1605 (Master Series)  PRR  ACF Cylindrical Hopper#260960 $9

FMC Chem  #1607 (Master series) FMC  Chemical   ACF Cylindrical Hopper $9

NS (orig)  #906 N&S (first Norfolk & Southern)  50ft OB Boxcar rolled ends $9

CR  #802 (Master) Conrail modern ACF 50ft Boxcar  $9

CSX   #908 (Master-11 ) CSX 50ft OB Boxcar rolled ends $9

MRL  #808 Montana Rail Link  (12)modern ACF boxcar $9

C&O Chessy #911 C&O Chessie 50ft modern ACF boxcar $9

C&NW  Master Series #904 50ft OB Boxcar Rolled Ends C&NW  $9

NW  #708  NW  40ft PS1 Boxcar black, 6ft doors $9


MDC-Roundhouse HO  new in box plastic unless noted

MDC ROUNDHOUSE metal R105 FGE Reefer kit $12

BCR #1064 Brit Columbia 40ft Boxcar $8

NS  #1967 Norfolk Southern 50ftFMC Boxcar plug door $8

NORX  #1648 NORX Utility 50ft Thrall Gondola $8 SOLD

SRR  #1758 Southern 5 Bay Hopper  $8

FMCX #1973 Railbox 50ft FMCX Boxcar $8 (2 avail)

NS  #1967 Norfolk Southern 50ft FMC boxcar  $8

TTX  #1301 Trailer Train 60ft Bulkkhead Flat car  $8 (2 avail)   Pending

LEF&C   NE Caboose  LE,F&C   (2 avail) $8 ea

ROCK  # faded 50ft Boxcar Route Rock whiteblue & blk lettering $9

ROCK #?807 50ft Waffle Box Route Rock blue  $9

Youngstown  50ft Bathtub Gondola #1668 Youngstown $8 PENDING SALE

R&MC  #1957 Ridgely & Midland County “Almost Heaven West Va” 50ft Single Door Box $9

UP  #3401  Side door wood style caboose UP   $8 ea (2 avail)

AT &SF  #4321 Side door wood style caboose AT&SF   $8ea  SOLD

SBV  #1908  South Branch Valley (W Va map logo ) 50’ Single Door Boxcar $10

CB&Q #03454   CB&Q  (H&StJ) Caboose 30’ 3 window (wood style)  $9

CB&Q Steel Cupola  Caboose silver  $10


MDC Roundhouse- Aftermarket or Exclusive HO  Decorated  plastic new in box

Santa Fe 2 bay Covered Hopper#82869 gray kit for Natl. SF Modeler Conv. By NR  $15

MRL  MDC/Walthers #932-9023 Montana Rail Link 50ft Boxcar $15

WP     MDC Bev Bel/MDC  40’ Boxcar  WP  red #20123    $7  (2 avail) $7 ea

 “MRIA Cincinnati 1980 Show”  50ft PD Boxcar  $12.50

NS /Bev Bel #4923 Norfolk Southern 2 bay covered hopper #69915 black  $12          

N&W by BB   N&W wood style express reefer  #3148  $12 (2 avail)

PFE Bev Bel  #4912-1  Wood type Express Reefer PFE road #790,   $12 ea   

PRR Bev Bel #4904 PRR/REA  wood style Express Reefer #2932    $12 ea  (3 avail)

PFE  Bev Bel  #4913-1  Wood style Express Reefer  PFE #568  $12 ea (2 avail) 

B&O by BB #4925 B&O (CSX) 2 bay 35’ covered hopper #202378 dark blue $12


P2K  LL kit/WKW built  HO new in box



#21215 Mather stock kit  #21215   1 level undec $7  (7 avail)

B&O Mather Stock   $12 each:  2 deck #111044,; 1 deck #112058,  #112711

TANK Car kits $12 ea:

 Kanotex rd#8234,8212

SHELL #21283;

UNION  #8006;

UTLX #56005, 77340;

APOX #8361;

SHPX #8751

AUTO BOXCAR kit w/end doors $10ea:   

 GTW #591534,#591553;


Undec (2 avail)

GTW #591527 factory assembled $21


Wabash #39141  $8 SOLD

BOXCAR Single Door 50’ Box  $10 ea / undec $9

undec  $9

 NYC #176338,

 P&LE #35929,

SLSW #20051

PS2 COVERED HOPPERS kit $9ea / factory  assembled if noted  $19ea

Continental Grain #6406; #6282

TLDX #7686 ; #7701

UP #81247 SOLD, 81725 (2 avail);

USLX #1482; #1237; #1290; #1410

D&RGW #15280, 15346  ;

FRISCO  SLSF #79000  

MILW PS2 Covered Hopper #-7957 Milwaukee #9804 $19.00

GN PS2 Covered Hopper #-7963  Great Northern #71957 $29.98/$19.00 

NAHX PS2 Covered Hopper #-7971

NAHX Reynolds Alum #34072 $29.98/$19.00

NP PS2 Covered Hopper #7964 SOLD; #76750; #76905(2 avail);  #75310 assembled  $29.98/$19.00 (2 avail) SOLD

MILL GON 52’ drop end   kit $10 ea  


SLSF #61009

CR #510973 (3 avail)’ #510860 3 avail


Stewart #10300 70T Offset 9 panel Tripple Hopper undec (5 avail)  $8 ea

Stewart #10200 H39 70T 15 panel triple hopper  undec  (4 avail) $8 ea

Stewart#10000 NYC/AAR 70T 14 panel 3 bay hopper undec $8

MONTOUR  #10045 MONTOUR  #583 Hopper  $9

PRR  #10203 PRR H39 Hopper #669960  $9

PC  #10608 PC   G39 Ore Car #501029 $12

PC #10658 PC   G39B Ore Car #501021   $12

PC Stewart  #10609 Penn Central G39 Ore Cars (4) set 1 #501036,501061,501085,501 $48

PRR Stewart # 10373 PRR 6pack 13 panel 70T triple hopper   $49 pkg  (2 avail)

KCS Stewart #10324  KCS Hopper Cars 3 bay 70T Offset 6 pack #29208,29213,29231,29328,29325,29290  $60


WALTHERS HO new in box kits unless factory assembled as noted

NKP USRA Gondola 46’ #76010  factory assembled   #932-42356  $18

B&O USRA Gondola 46’ #256507 factory assembled  #932-7469   $18

TTX Husky Stack single  stand alone #456129 factory assembled #932-4305  $19

TTX Husky Stack single stand alone  #456164 factory assembled #932-4301  $19

NYC  60ft PS Auto Boxcar single door #56481 factory assembled #932-35515 $28

B&O 86ft PS Hi Cube Boxcar 8 door #492020 factory assembled  #932-35317 $28

B&O Chessie #9327628 Bay Window Caboose #903759, factory assembled incl grab irons $38

Conrail #932-7622 Bay Window Caboopse #24512 factory assembled incl grabirons $36

PC #932-7963 PS2 Covered Hopper #883505  $20

TTX  75ft Flat  #932-3954  $10

GATX    84 ft Paired Airslide #932-4685 cars#247133  $19.00

Walthers RTR 932-95000  Walthers 75th Anniversary (2007) 60’ Auto Parts Boxcar $17.00 assem

IRR #932-7877 Indiana RR Bethgon 100T Coal hopper (rotary dump) 6 pack $119  SOLD

GPEX Express Reefers (steel) singls from multipacks $14:   United Farmers GPEX # 895;  Pending

ARTuncataloged ART wood type Reefer 6 pack new kits w/Wab  & MoPac  color logos $66

Tri Level Auto Rack #4850 undec  $22

ART Meat Reefer #2587 Kansas  ART #91662  assembled $18.00

REA  932-6242 REA Express Reefer 50ft steel hunter green  31.98 list /$17.50 yardsale

CR Train Line (Walthers) 931-602   Conrail 50’ Steel Flat Car  SOLD

ERIE  Coke Container 3 pack #933-2124 ERIE   $7.50  Pending

PRR #932-25314 PRR Hi Cube Boxcar 8 door  $35/$13  SOLD

 PLUM CREEK #932-4106 Plum Creek-Standard  72ft Center Beam Flat Car  $15

 CASCADE WAREHOUSE #932-4105 Cascade Warehouse- opera 72ft Center Beam Flat Car $15

 #932-5612 25T Brownhoist Crane assembled “Electric Co”  assembled $15.,00 

TTX  #932-3981  Trailer Train #120018 Front Runner  $12 (2 avail assembled)

Walthers  #949-1 Walthers 65th Anniversary Front Runner w/45 ft Trailer  $15

CARGILL   932-5161  40ft Tank Car Cargill #5576  $13

# 932-4300 undec husky Stack container car $15

#932-9092  Cannery Reefers (3 pack) Partial – Kit Contains these 2 only:  Otoe Fruits-Vegetables (Hamburg,IA & Nebraska City,NE);

  Onalaska Pickle & Canning/Garden Gold, (Onalaska,WI);  $22.00 (AR)

Cushion Coil Cars (kits are earliest style they made $9 ea): -

EJ&E #932-3858 EJ&E (2 avail); SOLD

C&O #932-3851  C&O; SOLD

PRR  #9322-3855 PRR; SOLD

B&O#932-3862  B&O; SOLD

UP #932-3861 UP;

P&LE #932-3853 P&LE  SOLD

IHB #932-3841 car#1108 “HARBOR” angled hoods, factory assembled $30


PS2 COVERED HOPPERS assembled $21 ea

GN #71957

NP #75310 (2 avail)

MILW #98047

NAHX Reynolds #34072 SOLD

50ft AIRSLIDE  Hopper kit $9 ea singles: multipack, assem as noted

Milwaukee #109956 assembled $19

GACX  #932-3657  GACX;

CCLX 50ft Airslide  Covered Hopper #-3723 CCLX #50025 assembled $19.00

C&O Chessy #932-3652 Chessie C&O;  SOLD

D&RGW  932-3656 D&RGW;

STALEY #932-9072 Staley  3 pack  car #90212,90218,90229   $30

STALEY  #932-9073 Staley 50ft Aiurslide#90212  $9

WONDER #932-3667 Wonder Bread (2 avail )

Walthers/Oregon Rail Champion Spark Plug Airslide Hopper #46881   $9

89 ft ENCLOSED AUTO  Carriers  $15 each:

MILW  932-4811 Milwaukee #941378 & #941079;

CSX  932-4809 CSX #941620;

SP #932-4807 Southern Pacific #159759 & #159796

Coil Car Hoods (earliest style) $5pr: #933-1509 Conrail (2 avail); #933-1506 AT&SF#933-1503 P≤ #933-1501C&O

HO ROLLING STOCK BARGAINS    (current production)     List price/Yardsale price


Funaro & C   PRR H30A Covered Hopper kit black shadow keystone decal  $36.95/$17.50

Durango Press/Wheel Works  #102  AdapterRailer  $23.95/ $17 ea (2 avail)

Durango Press/ Wheel Works #101  Roadrailer $19.95/$15.00 ea (4 avail)

Bowser Executive Line 70T Covered Hopper #40312 Great Northern #71071 $22.95/$16.50 



Microscale decals  $6.50/$4.00 ea  #87-251 Burlington Northern boxcars,open hoppers, goms etc  PENDING   #87-1179  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Gunderson 60’ Hi Cube Boxcars

Out of Production Hard to Find HO Parts —New in box or bag

OnTrak #5305 Grasse River Arch Bar Truck kit (narrow gauge) (2 avail)  $9 ea

Westerfield  “wood” Boxcar Ends 1pr each  #1512, #1412, #1813, #1541,  $9 for all four pr

Red Ball double sheathed  boxcar sides wood silk screened: N&W, MKT, NYO&W $5 a pr

Red Ball stamped brass roof ribs to simulate steel boxcar roof  20 for $1.25

Red Ball pre war plastic!! Cattle Car doors  2pr $2.00



Cal Scale #301 Hydra Cushion details $6.20/$3.50 ea  (5 avail)


LTD Series Alaska Boxcar brass etching set with slight surface blems $22ea or $30 w/ troop core kit (4 avail)

LTD Series Alaska Hi Cube boxcar etching set with slight surface blems $25 or $34 w/troop core kit

LTD Series REA Express Reefer brass etching set w/slight blems $25 or $35 w/troop core & hatches (3 Avail); discolored brass $27.50 or $37.50 w/core,hatches (3 avail)

LTD Series D&RGW Dynamometer brass etching set w/slight blems $25 or $35 w./troop core & decal

LTD Series B&O C17 Converted Troop express sides w/serious discoloration & blems suited ONLY for making tool car conversions $15 ea or $23 with troop car core  (9 avail)

LTD Series B&M  4 door troop conversion Baggage Express brass sides serious discolor/blem suited to tool car conversion $20 or $28 w/troop core

LTD Series C&O/Perre Marquette  troop conversion brass sides for tool car  slight blem  $25

LTD series Caboose Railings  blemished  2/$5.00  either SP orc ATSF as listed on Freight page


P2K 50’ Boxcar body only   asstd  roads    SP;  SSW (Blue Lightning bolt logo) GTW      Choice $2 ea

MDC 50’ “wood” express reefer body only undec  $2.50 ea new

MDC “Wood”: Outside braced caboose bodies only   $3.50 ea  new



Group 1 (3 cars)  $8 for group or $4 ea:  AHM  KO&G Coal Hopper boxed X2F; AHM  C&NW Stock Car ylw/green  X2F  Life Like #8434 B&O (Chessie) 100T hopper car; LOT PENDING

Tyco BiCentenial Caboose  $3 SOLD


S Scale



Tank Car  Southern Pacific  assembled, in box  too  large for N   picture no brand on box: PROO10248.03.75 Southern pacific design & logo  used under license by High Speed Metal Products  $4.00


N Scale (kits and factory assembled are new in package)

Signature Series Mann’s Creek Log Car brass etching parts slight imperfections    to build 12 or more cars add stripwood frame & bunk pieces $6


Aurora Postage Stamp  #4869  B&M blue 50ft Covered Hopper $7

Bachmann #5101 Celanex 41ft Chemical Tank Car  $7

IHC no #  Milwaukee 90ft Stock Car $7

IHC no#  Grand Trunk 90ft 4 door boxcar $7

Red Ball etched brass parts to build B&O 50’ S1 steel stick car (sides,ends,doors)  $30 ea  (3 avail) (not in orig. pkg)

Red Ball Erie HD Flat Car brass side/end etching set (not in orig pkg)  $12

Red Ball P&LE HD Flat car brass side/end etching set (not in orig pkg)  $12 (2 avail)

Arnold Rapido   PRR 3 deck Auto Rack Car $13

Arnold Rapido PRR 86ft Hi Cube boxcar $13

Arnold Rapido TTX Flat Car $7

Tichy #2703    Crew Car         $9/$6

Tichy #2708    Composite Gondola+  $9/$6

Tichy #2702    Repair Car       $9/$6

Tichy #27007  High Side Beet Gondola+  $9/$6

Red Ball (pre 1975) was testing the N waters and printed a sheet of scribed boxcar sides.  2 sheet set  $5 includes sides for 10 “wood” boxcars:  PRR Union Line; Colorado Midland; Southern Pacific ; B&O Globe Line; Pennsylvania; LSLPP Overland Fast Freight; Rome Watertown & Ogdensberg Northern New England Red Line; Hocking Valley; Pennsylvania Empire Line; Tonopah & Tidewater.

CANNONBALL 65’ Fishbelly side mill gon sides & ends (styrene)  $5.95

Wheel Works N Speeder (2 in kit) # 92-150    $6

Walthers Containers 2 your choice asstd  $6: NS Triple Crown, Conrail Mercury, Itel, CN Laser, APC, Genstar, APL, Undec, Maersk,JB Hunt , CAST



Micro Engr #75-506 36’ Deck Plate Bridge $9.95/$9 [bay ½]


On30 new in pkg


#27714  Bobber Caboose  $45 (if avail)/$30


O SCALE   (2 scale rail  cars less T&C unless noted—new in boxes)

Signature Series Mann’s Creek Log Car  2 cars per kit with blemished brass parts  $25 (1     avail); slightly blemished brass parts  $30 ea (2 avail)

N Way single target signals (2) #381  red/green builtup on mast $8.00 .

All Nation 40’ Boxcar 6614 MOPAC  steel sides rd#38266 “Route of Eagles” ,, boxcar 2478 subassembly pkt,end blocks,sprung trucks. –kit is missing roof and floor $12.00 

AmericanStandard car  #5022  L&N Airslide  (resin kit)$15

Weaver  50’ Boxcar (injection molded styrene, painted)  $15 ea: UP

Weaver 50’ Boxcar, sliding door inj molded painted $23ea: Valdosta So RR,  C&O #1432, St Marys; #1439 Seaboard; Union Pacific

Bev Bel/Weaver CF Covered Hopper Farmland Co Op #3473  $25

Weaver 50ft Tank Car round end small manway cover, HCl use) Firestone $20

Weaver ACF Covered Hopper (injection molded styrene,painted  $20 ea: UP, N&W (2 avail) , North Pac,undec

Main Line Express reefer kit (wood)  $10 ea: CPR,  MP,  IC

\Bev Bel/AtlaS 40FT Boxcar sliding door w/trks  $25  : PRR keystone

Weaver  “ultra line” 3 Bay Hopper w/trks (inj molded styrene painted $25: Pennsylvania









updated   September2014



Walthers HO Circus Wagons  $8 each : #933-1373 Concession (4 avail); #933-1363 RB&BB #122 Ticket Wagon (4 avail);  #933-1364 RB&BB #18 Chair Wagon ;#1370 Commissary (2 avail) new boxed  kits


CASSETTE TAPES FOLK RAILROAD (new $5 each)   $3.50  or 2/$6   

SINGING RAILS Wayne Erbsen: Cannonball Blues, Railroading on the Great Divide, On The Dummy Line, Nine Hundred Miles, John Henry, The Death of Edward Lewis, Freight Train Boogie, Lonesome Pine Special, Train on the Island, Railroad Bill, Railroadin & Gamblin, , Swannananoa Tunnel, Poor Casey, Midnight Special

RAILROADING CLASSICS 16 Great Instrumentals, Wayne Erbsen : Wabash Cannonball, Railroad Corral, Paddy on the Railway, The Lightning Express, Casey Jones, L&N Rag, Freight Train, New Lost Train, Wreck of the Old 97, In The Pines, Kansas City Railroad Blues, On The Dummy Line, New River Train, Reuben’s Train, Lost Train Blues, Nine Hundred Miles,  



(Those currently available show list price/our price. Hard to find books are priced below rare book store/internet auction prices if they are even available from those sources.)



Railroad Signaling  by Brian Solomon $34.95/27.95

Locomotive Quarterly Vol XII #3 spring 1989 Milwaukee Steam, Pacifics of  NYNH&H, Virginian steam at Roanoke and LG Isaac-Michigan photographer  $15

Locomotive Quarterly Vol XI #4 summer 1988 Lehigh Valley Motive Power, Ill Central engines at Freeport, WP simple artic 2-8-8-2s, George Harris- Canadian Pictorials  $15

Done Honest & True, Richard Steinheimer’s Half Century of Railroad Photography text by Ted Benson  new copy  soft cover [booksellers ask $130-150 for  this]   $80

Smooth The Road – A Passenger Train Review- by Passenger Train Journal. Incl General review; VIA; White Pass and Commuter features. Softcover  1 new, 1 curled corner of cover   $9.95/  $8 and $7

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways  by Hamilton Ellis  (1968) used, cover edges worn  $5  (RP)




The Feather River Canyon, Union Pacific’s Heart of Stone   by Schmollinger  used copy w/dustcover, very good $125  

Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails   Story of the Pacific Coast Co. by Best  (Howell North publ) good   $20

The History of The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe by Bertkman  $10

Death Valley Scottie   The Fastest Con in The West  hardcover by Johnston  like new  $20



Colorado  also see Traction books

Short Line to Cripple Creek by Tivis Wilkens Colo Rail Annual #16 very good used $16  (RP)

The Cripple Creek Road  A Midland Terminal guide  and data book by Mel McFarland very goods used $35   (RP)

Photo by McClure  Railroad, Cityscape and Landscape Photographs of L.C.McClureby Jones & Jones   very good used $ 15   (RP)

Roaring Fork Valley by Len Shoemaker  excellent used  $30       (RP)

Railroads of Northern Colorado by Kenneth Jessen excellent used  $35   (RP)



The Pennsylvania Railroad in Indiana by William Watt new $50/$38

West End B&O Cumberland to Grafton by Charles Roberts  (2nd ed) new  $279  [used copies on ebay & in stores sell $190. Only new copy we found was $513]  

Railroads of the Ohio Valley book 2 (Huntington WV to Cincinnati) by Willard Harvey, Jr $25

Railroads of the Ohio Valley book 3 (Aurora IN to Cairo IL)by Willard Harvey, Jr   new $25

Pennsylvania RR Lines West vol 1 by Hipes & Oroszi  believed  new  $59.95/$47

Conrail Commodities  by Jeremy Taylor new copy in wraps  (booksellers, Amazon list this at $80-$169; used at $54-$60]  our price $75.00

DEPOTS OF THE NICKEL PATE ROAD by Willard Harvey,Jr. new copy (out of print-used dealers are asking $35-40) $30

Limiteds, Locals & Expresses in Indiana 1838-1971 by Craig Sanders  new copy in wraps  $29.95/ $25.00



CANADIAN see also General Prototype listings

Canada Southern Country by Robert Tennant,Jr  hardover excellent cond. $47.50    (RP)

When Any Time Was Train Time by Elizabeth Willmot hardcover like new $25  (RP)



Metropolitan Railways, Rapid Transit in America by Middleton  new copy hardcover $30/$25

Indiana Railroad  by Bradley CERA Bulletin  like new $40.00

The Electric Pullman by Braugh (History of Niles Car & Mfg)  new copy $30.00/$26.00 SOLD

From Small Town To Downtown by Braugh & Graebner (History of Jewett Car Co) new copy $49.95/$39.95

Moonlight in Duneland by Cohen & McShane 2 new copies, 1 in wraps $25/ $21

The History of BRILL   hardcover history  by Debora  Brill  new copy  in wraps  $49.95/ $42.00

KITE ROUTE hardcover Story of the Denver & Interurban RR   by Jones & Holley like new  rp $35

PIKES PEAK TROLLEYS hardcover by Cafky & Haney like new rp  $30

FRUIT BELT ROUTE  The Railways of Grand Junction,Colo  by McGuire & Teed softcover like new rp $28

ROCHESTER, LOCKPORT &BUFFALO RR by Gordon  soft cover, like new rp  $38

THE LEHIGH VALLEY TRANSIT COMPANY’S ST LOUIS CARS History & Roster  Editor Kulp excellent condition  soft cover plastic bound $25 rp

Horsecars, Cabler Cars and Omnibuses by John White,Jr like new softcover  $8.00




K LINE CATALOG for 2000$3.00 ea (2 avail– new)

Franklin & South Manchester RR  by George Sellios  new soft cover $12.50

N Scale Track Plans by Russ Larson  new soft cover $4.50



IHC #5311 Country Circus 24×36”  (2avail)    $2.50ea

Detail Associates Rail Scene #7501 City    (2 avail) $9.80/$7 ea

Detail Associates Rail Scenes #7507 Oil Fields $9.80/ $7

Detail Associates Rail Scenes #7506 Tank Farm  $9.80/$7



Jordan  #04 Erie Crane  $25 list/ $19

Woodland Scenics  #AS5536 Cruisin Coupes (2 cars)  $30.99list/$19

LifeLike #1694 Black Hearse (similar 50s Cadillac) $6

Walthers #933-1580 26ft Parcel Trailer (UPS style)  $6

MiniMetals #32301 GM TDH3610 Transit Bus yellow  National City Lines blank destination $18 (2 avail)

MiniMetals #30202  54 Ford F350 pickup truck Sheridan Blue $12

MiniMetals #31122 IHC R120 Tractor, 32ft Flatbed Trailer ROADWAY $15

MiniMetals #31136 White tractor 32ft Closed Van YALE $15

Mini Metals #31106  32ft Van Trailers (2) COOPER JARRETT  $15

MiniMetals #30164  IHC R190  Straight Box type truck NYC EXPRESS $12

MiniMetals #32110 GMC PD4103 Intercity bus TRAILWAYS (Dallas dest) $22

MiniMetals #30188  White Delivery Straight Van NABISCO (2 avail) $12

 Wiking #0114 Fork Lift  $10.99/ $6

Alloy Forms #2041    1951 Ford Panel Deliver Truck $15

Walthers #933-1650  Forty foot van type trailer undec $4.00ea or 6/$20. Several avail

Athearn #92005 Fire Truck Ford Tri County Engine #1 $25.00  (2 avail)

Athearn Blue Box #5763 20 ft  Container Chassis  $5 ea (4 avail)

Busch # 92114  50 Chevy Pickup  Erie RR   $12.00

Athearn #8100  John Deere Ford C  Service Truck  $8.00 (4 avail)

Athearn  #02726 Orange and #02725 Black  Ford C (Cab Over) Stake Bed truck  $7.00 ea

Con Cor #8208 Union Pacific 45ft rivet side trailers (2) $8.00

Atlas #790 Bridge Girder Load  $6/$5

Athearn blue box #1428 Piggyback vans (4) Jarret  $10.00  [Bay 1/3]

Athearn blue box #5489  Tractor & Trailrt Penn Central  $8.0 0  [Bay 1/ 4]   

Motor Max  1974 AMC Hornet  ??/$2.50ea (2 avail) [Bay Vbag1]

Busch 57 Belair Chevy Police Car 45008     $9

Busch Mercedes Texaco Panel truck 41550 has typical late ‘30s American appearance $12.98/$7.00

Jordan plastic kits: $8.98/$6.50 each: #212 Mack Tank Truck;  #210 Mack Dump Truck;  #209 Mack stake  tuck; #231 Packard stake truck       $6.95/$5:     #238 Model  T Stake Truck [Bay Vgag1]


Life Like #1321 Farm Set: Farmall tractor, horse, dogs,  2 figures, truck, windmill ,trough  $10

GHQ #60001 1950s Red Farm Tractor & Farmer kit   $12.95/$8 [Bay VBag1] (2 avail}

GHQ#60005 1950s Red Farm Tractor  with front loader $19.95/$15 [Bay VBag1]

LifeLike Scenemaster #433-1623 Disc & Wagon  $10.95/ $5  [Bay VBag1]

Atlas #760 Bridge Beam load $4.45/ $3   [Bay Vbag1]


STRUCTURES- new HO kits plastic in box (unless noted)

Model Expo #60008 Concrete [RR] Telephone Booth (Cylindrical shape) (cast metal) $5 ea (3 avail)

Bachmann 46221  “Blinking Bridge” truss type with flashing red light, 12 trestlkes  $5.00

Bachmann 46226  “Bridge ‘N Trestle Set”  33 pc through truss w/trestles  $5.00 (2 avail)

JL Innovative #498 Gas Station Interior Detail Parts   $19.95/ $13

Woodland Scenics #232 Diesel Fuel Facility (metal) $9.99 /$5.00

Woodland Scenics #231 Trackside Scale (metal) $9.99/ $5.00

Noch #1160 Outdoor food vendor cart, table, umbrella $15

Walthers #933-3501 Vintage Gas Station Details $30 (HM)

Depots by John #117  Illinois Central phone booths(3)  $6.00

Tichy #8135 Square slate roofing 36 sq in $15/$10

Tichy #7010 Concrete Coaling Tower $135/  $89

Tichy #7012 Steel RR Water Tank $29.50/ $19.50 (2 avail)

Tichy #7013 Steel Oil & Gas tank $15.00/ $10.00 (2 avail)

Tichy #7014 Icing Station 18” long  $29.50/ $19.50

Oregon Rail #501 Menomonee Falls Depot $49.95/ $30.00

BLI Elevated Crossing tower #166 (assembled, brass) $??./$19 ea [B 1 / 2] {2 avail}

Depots By John #87117 Illinois Central Phone Booth (3 in pkg) (cast plaster) $6.95/$6 pkg (2 avail)

Ertl #3781 DL&W 2 story Passenger Station assembled & painted $25

Con Cor Four Trackside Buildings  $10 SOLD

Atlas #703 Water Tower $11.95/$8.75

Heljan #174 Timber Trestle $31.98/$25.00

Kibri #7154 N Scale Cathedral  for distant scenery use  $35

IHC #5005 Sand Tower  $1

IHC #7006 Chemical Plant  $35

IHC #7752 Exxon Gas Station $25

Vollmer #2546 Through Truss Bridge $39

Life Like #1278 Stock Pens $16.98/ $12

Life Like #1331 National Oil $16.98/$12

Life Like #1377 Coaling Tower $33.98/$25 ea (2 avail)

Life Like #1394 Ky Fried Chicken Drive In  $16.98/$12ea  (2 avail, 1 box poor shape $11)

Life Like #1398 Supply House (Industry) $18.98/$14ea (2 avail)

Life Like #1338 Western Homestead  $17

Walthers Cornerstone Kits (most are retired or sold out—our  price is under last list     #933-

#2312 Pneumatic Crossing Gates (2) builtup $26.98/$16

#3196 Arched Road Bridge $27.98/$19ea (2 avail)

#3190 Art Deco Overpass $27

#3061 Sunrise Feed Mill  $29.98/$23

#3214 Northern Light & Power $39

#3063 Clarksville Depot $25

#933-3198    Van Dyke Farm Windmills (2 in pkg) $26/$23

#3156 Brick Street System $18/$12

#3155 Concrete Street System $18/$12



Atlas track bargains:

#586 Code 83 manual left switch machine  (5 avail) (Bob)  $5.75 ea/ $3ea

#47 Snap or Custom Assortment $2

Bachmann EZ Track bargains  HO – new, nickel silver (gray roadbed)

#44501  Curve 18” Rad   4pc pkg  (12 pc reqd per circle)  $12.00/$7 or 5 for $30

Bulk pack single pieces   18” Rad and straight   $2.60/ $1.90 ea   22” Rad $3.65/ $2.90 ea


Railcraft code 55 HO gauge $2.50


Large assortment of new stock at 30% discount.  Emau specific want list for confirmation. Of availability.



N Scale STRUCTURES & DETAIL ITEMS (new in package)

Tichy #2600 Wood RR water Tower (styrene kit) + $18/$12 (2 avail)

Tichy #2601 Signal Tower (styrene kit) $10/$6.75  (2 avail)

Broadway Limited Elevated Crossing Watchman Shanty #165 (brass, painted  yellow w/green trim) $15   [Bay 1/ 2]  and   #163 Gray  $15 

IHC  Colonial House Kit 2009  $4

Walthers Containers 2 your choice asstd  $8/$6: NS Triple Crown, Conrail Mercury, Itel, CN Laser, APC, Genstar, APL, Undec, Maersk,JB Hunt , CAST, BN America  one 48’; Santas Fe one 48’; Mitsui OSK 40ft; Happag Lloyd 40ft; Evergreen 40ft


Kibri #7154 Cathedral  $35


1/25 SCALE

Gearbox 1920s Wayne Gas Pumps Texaco  set of 3 new in box  $39 (AEA)

World War II Vintage Mold for hand pouring lead soldiers, samples   $25





S SCALE  new in pkg

Ertl #394FP  New Holland Genesis 8970 Tractor 4Wh drive & duals new in pkg $10

Johny Lightning Coca Cola Series  Vehicle & vintage Billboard 1932 Ford hotrod $7

Johny Lightning CocaCola Series Delivery Vehicle 1933 Willys Panel Van $7

Johny Lightning  Military Muscle  WWII Dodge WC57 Command Car  $7


SAILING SHIPS plastic kits by Heller, new in pkg

#71212 Cutty Sark  1/500  $8

#80131 Le Penix 1/600      $8

#80127 Le Superbe 1.500  $8

#79861 Pourquoi- Pas 1/400  $8




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