April 2015


O, S & LARGE SCALE YARDSALE items are on our new O,S & LARGE scale PAGE.
ORANGE POSTINGS are items that have been added to the YARDSALE listing since the January 2015 update. This new feature is a result of our recent public sale where we learned some folks faithfully check our YARDSALE early every month to avoid missing any new gems.

HO YARDSALE Please note changes effective 2/14/15
Buy now price is stated. We reserve the right to correct typos. Unless otherwise stated one of each item is available. Availability updates and new postings are made once a month. Please email regarding availability ONLY if you intend to promptly purchase an item, giving your shipping address and purchase plan (see below) and using subject line YARDSALE ORDER. We take the time to physically pull these requests to determine physical availability, determine shipping estimate (usually meaning actual packing for shipment) and give you a firm answer with a Paypal request for payment and then hold the items five days for payment.

Effective 2/14/15: If no address is given we will only advise what the computer here says about availability (it is subject to error) and will not locate the items in warehouse, pull your order, pack it , write the paperwork, check UPS & USPS to quote shipping & handling, or place items in a hold area. When you ask, please do so with intent to purchase. Thank you.
E MAIL FOR AVAILABILITY INFO to mrrwarehouse (at) yahoo.com

1) E MAIL & PAYPAL Email message listing desired items and your shipping address for UPS and Postal delivery. We will reply with a form request for payment using Paypal. You can use credit cards using this Paypal method. We will have pulled all available items of your order and prepared them for shipment so allow us a DAY OR THREE FOR OUR REPLY. Will advise you of any more delay than that. This method works well for international shipments. WE WILL HOLD YOUR REQUESTED ITEMS FIVE DAYS FOR PAYMENT.
2) PHONE CREDIT CARD INFO BUT EMAIL FIRST In USA you may place the order by use of our telephone order order taker if you first email for confirmation the items are still available and advise you will call. Allow a day or three for our reply since we will be physically checking the shelves as well as placing hold in our computer records and that process is not done 24/7—we need to spend most of our time packing, or designing kits and other duties here. The order taker is contracted to ONLY take phone orders and has no information on the products or availability. During business hours (Eastern Time Zone) her number is 260-672-2663.
3) SNAIL MAIL CHECK, CARD INFO OR MONEY ORDER BUT EMAIL FIRST. Email (as explained above) to request a five day hold (until payment arrives) and confirm the items are still available. Tell us how you will pay (handling charges depend on this-more for Visa or Master card) and shipping address so we can advise the amount to mail. Orders paid by check will be held 10-14 days before shipment.
4) PUBLIC SALES EVENTS –when we announce (on the HOMEPAGE) that we are attending a SHOW or HAVING A PUBLIC SALE here –where you will attend– you may order and pay in advance for items to be delivered at the show/sale (thus saving on shipping/handling costs). This applies to YARDSALE as well as products on our showroom pages. The inventory on display at such events is limited by space. WE WILL NOT USUALLY be displaying parts found on our showroom pages or listed in YARDSALE which require storage in organized or numerical order. These MUST be ordered in advance. Because WE MUST be able to quickly and accurately locate them to efficiently fill orders it is critical to maintain these inventories in a “controlled atmosphere.” We appreciate your understanding. We DO strive to keep “grab Bag” and “Choice for …” assortments available at these events and they are usually items not even listed here. We also feature promotional prices not advertised in advance or on our website on select items at these events. We can NOT “hold” items unless they are ordered and paid. Prepaid sales will receive any promo discount savings upon pickup.

Yardsales are final and without warrant. We strive to accurately describe items but cannot inventory all parts in a kit. Minimum shipping & handling in US & Canada $10, foreign $22.  Except decals & small parts that can be mailed in envelope min $8.

We do not search for hard to find items. If not listed here, check each month. We do accept suitable consignment items charging 25% commission with frt prepaid by you (both ways if not sold soon enough to suit you). We are not interested in listing typical “train show” $2 cars, incomplete or half built kits or defective used merchandise. We do not buy used trains for resale.

Our “clearing out the warehouse” effort is continuing to unearth treasures. After having produced Red Ball kits for four decades we find occasional jewels , partially packed kits and “protection” parts that were retained to cover warranty issues. It will be impossible to open shelve and continually offer these items so we’ll have a “monthly offering” listed in the freight car section of the YARDSALE mostly . Likewise, check the STRUCTURES SECTION for occasional offerings from our pre 1995 HOMETOWN line of N and HO kits. THESE SPECIAL LISTINGS WEILL CHANGE MONTHLY AND MOST ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED IN SUPPLY.

IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED ANY ITEMS THAT WE WERE ATTEMPTING TO LOCATE please repeat your request. Quite frankly, the clerical process of retrieving requests and matching with our “SEARCH & LOCATE” list so far has resulted in too many changed email addresses, no responses or changed minds.

Most items on this page are out of production, many are rare


Currently available items show $Current List/ $ Yardsale price.







HO New York Central Passenger F3 A-B-A
Several years ago New River Models factory painted and pad printed a large number of Stewart/Kato DC diesels for a dealer specializing in NYC. Well, making the long story short, the lawyer advised NRM not to ship because of some dealer shenanigans. They were to retail at $350 a set. We’ll ship then to you at the dealer’s net cost $199 per set of two Kato powered F3A and one dummy B new in boxes. See photo above. The A units do not include headlight lenses.

EMPTY BOX: TT scale “Model Motive TT Gauge” Star Line Models, Mineral Wells, Texas” yellow with brown print Rubber stamp? Imprint of kit ID faded and undistinguishable has $27price tag $3

new in box unless noted– unpainted/ factory painted if noted

Fairbanks Morse H 20-44 diesel PRR Version unpainted $185 SOLD
ORIENTAL-POWRHOUSE SERIES (cast metal boilers, excellent running mechanisms by Samhongsa,Korea)
Virginian 2-8-8-2 $350
N&W 2-8-8-2 $350
B&O Q4b Mikado with long vandy tender unpainted mint $375
Baldwin VO1000 diesel switcher unpainted mint $95 (ALA) mint
Wabash Hudson new and prof. paint partially lettered, UNASSEMBLED no box $290
Erie 2-10-0 factory painted $250

Bowser 16” new kit plus indexing kit (was $69.95) and motorizing kit 1007900 $265

HO Red Ball brass Indiana Service combine body kit less pilot (body kit did not include wood roof, detail castings, trucks) $79
HO Red Ball brass Indiana Service combine body kit #4609 (with pilot) otherwise as described above $125 These kits include etched brass sides,ends,window sash anticlimber,doors as described above.
HO Mehano#9380 2 car articulated modern rapid transit car Boston (T) #3400 markings, green & white, gray roof. Factory assembled $45
HO Bachmann Spectrum Gas Electric listed below
LTD Series Baldwin Class D Freight motor factory rejects slight discoloration on cab $99 (1 avail)
LTD Series Baldwin Class B Freight Motor factory reject blem cab &frame $85 (1 avail)

Bowser 14 wheel tender electrical kit #15068 $15
Cannonball Rectangular Tender body castings (styrene from Red Ball molds) $9.50
Monogram #1601 Big Boy with B&O markings unpowered snap kit $35
Jordan $302 Mack Locomotive unpowered kit $12.95/$9 (2 avail)
Con Cor (same as Monogram) #200 NYC Hudson unpowered kit $25 (3 avail)
Bowser #150001 Semi Vanderbilt Tender kit $25.00 (ALA) SOLD
Grandt Line #5127 unpowered GE Box Cab kit $30/ $19

BROADWAY LIMITED HO Locomotives ALL ARE DCC/DC with sound new in box
MRRW was an original distributor of BLI products—receiving many cases direct from Korea and introducing the new line to many dealers. When BLI business practices became harmful to our dealers we chose to discontinue carrying the line. Since then their practices and various “series” and options have created much confusion on the value of their products. We note (in parenthesis) the list price of these items at the time they were imported a decade or so ago. What’s left of our inventory are one each (except N watchman towers, some On30) all engines are DC/DCC. With sound unless noted:
#1037 INDIANA HI RAIL RSD15 #442 low hood. This unit has no sound $145
#012 N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 #1218 ($500) $419
#769 B&O E6 A&B #61 & 61X A pwd,B dmy ($330) $299
#540 NYC S1B Niagra 4-8-4 #6001 ($330) $299
#630 PRR NW2 EMD Switcher road #9250 ($159.00) $119
#753 PRR E7A green #5758A $189 SOLD
#242 Wabash 2-8-2 #2730 ($230) $195
#117 NKP 2-8-2 USRA Lt #601 ($230) $195
#052 PRR M1b #6762 ($300) $265
#024 PRR J1 #6418 ($380) $325
#023 PRR J1 #6170 ($380) $325
These all brand new, out of production, merchandise in boxes and are DC/DCC not just DCC ready. QSI sound equipped unless noted. One each ONLY remaining of all BLI items. We were an original BLI distributor until radical changes in the BLI business practices caused us (and our dealer customers) to reconsider stocking this line. These are all brand new merchandise never out of our warehouse. BLI On30 locomotives also available in the O Scale YARDSALE.on O,S & LARGE SCALE page.

Other DCC Locomotives new in box
Proto 2000 #920-40810 Pennsylvania H10-44 #9095 $199

STEWART Diesels HO DC new in boxes
We were an original Stewart distributor until the line was sold to Bowser. Listing on this page is all the new warehouse stock we have remaining. We have NO parts or kits except those listed on this webpage.
The individual F3 and F7 models are Stewart’s early Kato powered imports. Stewart later changed to domestic production (packed as AB sets).
#9110 F7a ph I late single headlight undec $59 *
#9100 F7a ph 1 late 1 hl undec $59
#8035 SOUTHERN F3B ph1 dmy $29 *
#9120 &9121 PRR F7A&B phI both pwd $109 *
#8520 WESTERN PACIFIC F3A ph II passenger (silver & orng) as used on Cal Zephyr K $59 * SOLD
#9140 &9141 &9141 NEW YORK CENTRAL F7ABB ph1 lightening stripe(1Bdmy,1Bpwd) $149 *
# C&NW F3A early frt scheme K $59 *
# PRR F3A ph IV on unpowered chassis $40 * SOLD
# F3,F7,F9 dummy chassis $15 (several avail)
#8145 EL #7062 F3B ph II dmy $29
#5619 C&NW F7 ph 1 early AB set Buehler powered $75
# FTA & dmy B undec $80
# FTB & dmy (5 porthole) undec $35
Stewart/New River NYC F3 ABA Passenger truncated lightening stripe powd As, dmy B $199 Kato
F3A Shell undecorated high fans $24 (12 avail)

#4700 VO1000 undec w/ step guard and standard louvre style $80
#6604 AS616 ERIE #1150 $75
#4997 AS16 power chassis $45
#4200 AS16 undec $65
# VO660 ph lll PRR #5941 $80
#4900 S12 undec $80
#4720 VO1000 B&O #416 $80
#4800 DS4-4-1000 undec $80 (2 avail)
#4805 DS4-4-1000 B&O #451 and #460 $80 ea (1 ea avail )
# DS4-4-1000 Erie #607 $80

#7100 GE U25b PRR #2507 $70
#7210 GE U25b Erie Lackawanna #2501 $55ea (3avail)
#7043 GE U25b Conrail #2569 $55
#6352 Alco C628 hh N&W #1133 $69
#6213 Alco C628 Demo #628-1 $69
#6219 Alco C628 MONON $75

Stewart F UNIT CHASSIS (several avail)
Powered $33
Unpowered $19
Unpowewred with Athearn F7Aunpowered undec 2 hl shell $22
Unpowered with Athearn F7A decorated Lehigh Valley $25
Powered with Athearn F7A undec shell 2 hl $35
Powered with Athearn F7A decorated Lehigh Valley 1hl $36
BOWSER HO LOCOMOTIVE KITSnew undec, unassembled kits in box
PRR K4 4-6-2 with tender. kit 100500 $135
PRR M1a 4-8-2 with tender. Kit 100450 $150
PRR I-1 2-10-0 with tender. Kit # $150
PRR E6 4-4-2 wityh tender Kit#100600 $135
Undec Fairbanks Morse road sw diesel kit 113051 dummy $29

MANTUA HO LOCOMOTIVE KITS– new undec, unassembled in sealed box
# Mikado 2-8-2 $125
# Pacific 4-6-2 $125
# Logger 2-6-6-2 $150
# “Little Six” 0-6-0T $ 85

Southern 2-8-8-2 $175
Bowser PRR 2-10-0 $175
Bowser PRR 4-8-2 $175
Bowser PRR 4-4-2 $160
Also these locos assembled by the late Bill Hunt (an employee here) using Bowser,Mantua, other vintage parts lightly used, unboxed smooth runners NOT superdetailed:

Other HO DC locomotives new in box
Bachmann Spectrum #86019 Conrail Quality GE Dash 8-40C $60
Bachmann Plus #11514 CSX #4404 GP35 $60
Atlas #7016 N&W RS3 $55
Atlas #7096 Conrail RS11 $65
Atlas #8036 N&W C425 $65
Atlas #8060 PRR C424 ph1 $65
Athearn #4607 blue box Norfolk Southern GP38-2 $35 SOLD
Athearn #4310 blue box N&W Trainmaster $35
Athearn #4304 blue box N&W Trainmaster $35
Athearn #4406 blue box N&W SD40-2 $36
Athearn #4203 blue box B&O Chessie GP35 $27
Athearn #4405 blue box Chessie SD40-2 $36
Athearn #3624 blue box Amtrak FP45 $27
Athearn # blue box N&W $29 box badly damaged, engine new & OK
Stewart #7190 Conrail U25b ph II $80
Stewart #7152 Penn Central U25 $50
Stewart #7403 Conrail U25b #2569 $70
Stewart/New River RS3 Susquehanna $39.50
Athearn #4630 Blue Box Norfolk Western GP50 $39.50
Athearn #4161 Blue Box SEABOARD SD45 $ 27.50
Athearn #4606 Blue Box Milwaukee GP38-2 $39.50
Athearn #4775 Blue Box Norfolk Southern #4634 GP60 dummy $27.50
Athearn #3472 Blue Box Milwaukee U30C dummy $19
Athearn #3615 Blue Box SF Merger F45 dummy $27.50
Atlas #9347 Alco C424 ph2 WABASH #8902 $80
Atlas FP7 Western Pacific Atlas#8317 $45
LL Proto 2000 FB2 dummy Missouri Pacific $17.50
Bachmann 4-6-2 PRR K4 160-410840-14 $65
Atlas U25B MONON #601 (Atlas#8685) and #603 (Atlas #8686) $130 each (1 ea avail)
Atlas RSD12 PRR #8619 (Atlas#800?) $60 SOLD
Atlas C425 PRR #2419 (Atlas #8035) $60
Bachmann FT A Seaboard Airline #160-11705 $49
Bachmann FT A Santa Fe #160-11702 $49
Bachmann FT A Burlington #160-11704 $49
Bachmann Spectrum #81101 GE 70T diesel undec $39 (early style, motors on trucks)(4 avail)
Athearn #4722 Blue box GP40 BN dummy $15
Athearn #3931 Blue Box BN SW1000 pwd $30ea (2 avail)
Athearn #3925 Blue Box SEABOARD SW12000 dummy $18
Athearn #3930 SW1000 undec $30
Athearn PC U33C $27.50
Athearn #3461 blue box C&O U30C pwd $35
Athearn #3707 blue box PRR S12 diesel switcher $27.50
Athearn #3702 blue box B&O S12 diesel switcher $27.50
Athearn #3706 blue box NYC S12 diesel switcher $27.50
Athearn #3227 blue box C&O F7 A unit $27.50 box defaced
Athearn #4205 blue box B&O GP35 $27.50 box defaced
Athearn Genesis USRA 2-8-2 B&O $120
MDC/Roundhouse RS3 L&N $23
Proto 2000 S1 diesel switcher #23719 B&O spelled out #225 $49
Proto 2000 SW9/12000 with defective handrails $40 ea:
Proto 1000 #23972 Budd RDC2 B&O #6550 $140/yardsale $65
Proto 2000 #21128 SW9/1200 B&O spelled out rd#599 $55 ea (3 avail)
Bachmann Spectrum Series #81401 EMC Gas Electric Doodlebug undec $60
Bachmann Spectrum #820-12 GP30 B&O Sunburst #6904 $48 ea (2 avail)
Athearn #8013 GPO38-2 Indiana Railroad #30 ready to roll $89 box in poor shape, engine new & OK
Athearn blue box #2232 SD40-2 Indiana RR #41 $75
Athearn/Bev Bel (blue box) #1627 B&O Sunburst GP30 #5916 $48 rare
Athearn blue box #2073 RDC1 B&O dummy $15
Athearn blue box #1041 GP30 undec dummy $20 rare
Atlas SD35 B&O #7419 $45
Atlas #10 000792 HH660 WABASH $125
Atlas#8114 RS1 Kansas City Southern $75
Atlas #8113 RS1 GM&O $75
Proto2K #21613 PA ERIE #862 $85
Proto 2K #8097 SD7 PRR #8588 and #8098 PRR #8590 w/dynamic brake $75 each
Walthers #932-1310 Fairbanks Morse H10-44 CNJ #9703 $75
Walthers #932-1359 EMD SW1 C&NW #1212 $40
Atlas #7042 FP7 Diesel Union Pacific $39
Atlas FP 7Diesel AT&SF incorrect box, may be used, mint cond) $35
Atlas #8381 RS36 undecorated $65
AHM FM Dummy B unit B&O $10
Life Like (Walthers) #433-8301 B&O Dockside 0-4-0T $26
Athearn Blue Box #3341 PB-1 Powered undec $49 (2 avail)
Athearn Blue Box #3471? U30C PRR dummy $24
Athearn Blue Box #3630 FP45 undec dmy $22
Athearn blue box #3309 PA1 Erie Lackawanna powered $49 ea (6 avail)
Athearn blue box #3343 PB1 New York Central powered $49ea (3 avail)
Athearn Blue Box #3485 Auto Train U33B and dummy both for $65
-Athearn Blue Box #3923 Conrail SW1500 dummy $19
-Athearn Blue Box #3906 Family Lines SW1500 $39
-Athearn blue box #4724 CSX GP40-2 DUMMY $24
Atlas #8035 PRR Alco C425 $60
Athearn blue box FP45 Chassis,motor trucks complete & new $23.
Bachmann #61502 AT&SF F9 A surprisingly smooth running loco for low cost $25 ea (1 avail)
Atlas #8114 RS1 Kansas City Southern $60 (location box Loc1)
Life Like P2K CPR FA dmy, FB $30 the pair script (Box Loc1)
Atlas #8150 RS3 Canadian Pacific #8150 script lettering $65
Rivarossi Berkshire 2-8-4 RF&P either new or mint (uncertain) unboxed $85

Oriental Limited #X132 Footboard Pilot w/ladders for 2-8-2 $17.50 (2 avail)
Oriental Limited #X131 Delta Trailing Truck $29
Bowser 100810 PRR L1 (2-8-2) Super Detailing kit $30
Bowser 100611 Backplate E6,H9 $2
Bowser 100511 Backplate L1, I1,K4 $2 (2 avail)
Bowser 7006 PRR Tender Truck 8 wheel Buckeye pr $24.95/ $24 (2 avail)
Bowser 2987 Reading Tender Truck pr $15 (2 avail)
Bowser 319 Dolphin G5 Tender Truck pr $15 (3 avail)
Bowser 2988 NYC Tender Truck pr $15
Bowser 19010 Commonwealth Tender Truck pr $19
Walthers-Train Miniature FA/FB metal Frames $1.50 ea 4 for $5 9 for $10
Mantua Mikado frames $2.50 ea. (we had designed a motorizing kit for Monogram Big Boy using these)
Etched driver overlays for Mantua mike drivers for Big Boy kit. Pre production sample one Lot (several locos worth). $5 SOLD
Railpower #141 Air Conditioner 9-44CW $2.00
Railpower #142 Exhaust Stack 9-44CW $1.00
Precision Scale #3916 screens $2/$1.00
Overland #9568 Spark Arrestors(2) C&O, SRR F/FP $2
Red Ball RS3 end sills $2 pr (12 avail)
Red Ball RS3 heat boiler exhaust stack $1.50 (6 avail)
Red Ball Steam Loco Boiler Front as supplied in Mellor upgrade kits $1 (7 avail)

CANNON & COMPANY HO diesel kitbash & detail PARTS
#1504 EMD SW Cab SW7 ph II through SW1200 $8.50/$5.00 ea (3 avail)
#1105 EMD 116” low short hood early SP & UP “snoots” $6.95/$4.00 ea (3 avail)
#1502 EMD 35 line cab $7.95/$5.00 ea (2 avail) SOLD
#1503 Thinwall Switcher Cab kit SW1,NW2 through ph I SW7 $8.50/$5 (3 avail) SOLD
#1402 Radiator Grilles & Shitters GP/SD28,35; DD35, $3.50/$2.50 (6 avail)
#1403 Radiator Screens GP40-2; SD40-2 post 1976 $3.50/$2.50 (6 avail)
#1404 Radiator Grilles & Shutters GP/SD40; to early GP/SD 40-2 $3.95 / $3 (6 avail)
#1301 Inertial Filter Screens GP/SD 39-2; GP/SD 38-2; GP15-1 $2.95/$2 (5 avail)
#1401 Radiator Screens GP/SD38-2, 39-2; SD45-2$2.95/$2 (9 avail)
#1302 Inertial Filter Screens GP/SD 29,35; DD35 $2.95/$2.00 (6 avail)
#1303 Inertial Filter Screens GP38,39,40 earlyu-2 some 39,15-01,38-2,39-2,38-2,40-2 $2.50/$2 (4 Avail)
#1304 Inertial Filter Screen SD38,40,45 to early -2,45-2 $2.50/$2 (6 avail)
#1305 Inertial Filter Screeens post 1984 SD40-2 $2.50/$2 (5 avail)
#1107 Recessed Brakewheel Sides post 1990 80” low nose $2.95/$2 (6 avail)
#1356 Inertial Filter Hatches Ph II GP38-1 $2.05/$2 (6 avail)
#1354 Inerttial Filter Hatches GP38-2,GP15-1,GP15T $2.95/ $2 (4 avail)
#1352 Inertial Filter Hatches GP38,SD38 $2.95/ $2 (4 avail)
#1351 Inertial Filter Hatches ph I GP&SD35 $2.95/ $2 (4 avail)
#1601 Angled Blower Housing 50/60 series & late dash2 $3.50/ $2.50 (4 avail)
#1901 Angled Filter Box GP&SD 38-2 $2.95/$2.00 (9 avail)
ATHEARN BLUE BOX HO LOCO SHELLS Factory painted new (one each decorated avail unless noted. Some undecs are avail in large quantities
F7A undec 1 headlight $6 ea (10 avail)
F7A undec 2 headlight $4 ea 8/$30
GP7/9 undec $4 ea 8/$30
SW7 CALF undec$4 ea 8/$30
SD45 undec $4 ea 8/$30
Baldwin S12 undec $6ea 4/$20
U25b $8
SD40T-2 undec $8 ea (5 avail)
SD9 $8
Train Master $8ea (4 avail)
F7B $6
U28C $8 ea (2 avail)
PB $8
U30b $8
FP45 $8
U28B ($6 ea) : BN green #5450 (3 avail); N&W #1903 blue; UP (surface marred $4),AT&SF
U30C ($6 ea) : C&O #3310; SP #7151
U33b: ($6 ea) : Seaboard Coast Line #1723, N&W, BN (2 avail)
SW calf )$6 ea) : Southern
F7A ($5 ea) : CN wet noodle-red nose; C&NW, AT&SF blue & ylw 2hl
GP35 ($5 ea): B&O Chessie #3547 (2 avail); , CB*Q (1 avail) SP, B&O
GP38-2($6 ea) : ICG #9623; MILW, CR, SBD, BN (2 avail)
SD40-2($9 ea) : SOO white &red (2 avail) #6604; L&N family #8104; B&O Chessie #7614; NW; AT&SF (5 avail) . CSX (B&O)
SD45 ($6 ea) : Seaboard #1170 (3 avail) AT&SF, CB&Q
SD9 ($6 ea) : SP,AT&SF
SDP40 ($6 ea) : C&NW, B&O, AT&SF (2 avail)
GP9 ($5 ea): EL
S12: ($7 ea) EL
PA $10 ea: Wabash white painted and all pad printing done by NR. Blue & gray not painted. (several)
“SW1000” $\7 ea: PRR
GP60 $9ea: AT&SF
F7A Lehigh Valley by New River $8 ea (20 avail)
Shells are from a hobby shop that stocked all shells to interchange on chassis and pare inventory of powered & dummy units

SPECIAL SALE THIS MONTH Lehigh Valley F7 Shells 3 for $18


STEWART RS3 SHELLS listed below decals

ATLAS RS3 & RS11 shells & parts –new in factory pkgs
RS11/RSD Shell undec complete with handrails, small parts #709210 $14 ea (5 avail)
RS3 Shell undec complete with handrails,small parts #707210 $14ea (3 avail)
FP7A Shell undec # 30230 $5
RS3/11 4 wh truck with gear tower #707300 $12ea (3 avail)
RSD 6 wheel truck with gear tower #708300 $14 ea (2 avail)
Alco FA painted lettered Lehigh Valley by New River w/glass $19 ea (6 avail)
Alco FA painted white, lettered Wabash (blue & gray not painted) by NR $10 ea
Alco FB unbdec $8 ea 5/$30


DECALS new in pkg HO
NYC early small hood diesel lightning stripe Champ Blue Ribbon #BRP110 $2
Maine Central.B&M/D&H Guilford diesel hood unit Miller Herald King #L1970-1
Reading Bee Line Service diesael hood (1973 era) Miller Herald King #L500
Monon MicroScale #87-358 F3 Passenger Diesel $6 (2 avail)
GATX Leasing MicroScale #87557 Hood Locomotives $6
Front Range (diesel) (spcl run by Micro Scale)$2 ea
B&O old #2002
PRR #2003
Champ $1 each
ICG hood diesel #EH240 Illinois Central Gulf
N&W steam #EH46
Monon diesel #EH141 901410
Erie Alco diesel #EH145 901450
Walthers $1 each
Wabash steam #96-70
Monon disel blk &gold #42900
Monon diesel white #42-92
Ann Arbor diesel blue flag, gold #934-3900 (2 Avail)
Southern EMD diesel #88920
Tennessee Central #934-94750


STEWART RS3 Shells new in factory pkg
C&NW #1616 hood w/handrail, frame & cab yellow $29
C&NW #1618 & # 1616 complete shell $29
D&H #4126 hood w/handrail, frame & cab blue $29
Undec #2075 Phase IIa hood,frame,cab $29
D&H #4126 complete except less painted cab $17.50—plain cab with shell add $2.50
D&H plastic frame only $3
Cab only black w/#486 $5
Undec ph 1b (2 avail) $19ea
Undec ph 11a (2 avail) $19 ea
Undec ph 112a w/railings $29


STEWART RS3 SHELLS factory painted & pad printed by New River $19 each:
Susquehanna yellow jacket (18avail)
Monon SOLD OUT in fact we need one for the official factory collection


SPECIAL SALE THIS MONTH Susquehanna RS3 Shells two for $35


#3002 Light Unit N-HO Reversing $6 ea (3 avail-was $15.98)
#3003 Light Unit O-HO Reversing $6 ea (3 avail- was $15.98)
#3004 Light Unit N-HO Non Reversing $2.50ea (3 avail)
#3005 Light Unit HO-O Non Rev 3.0AS uses 1.5V bulb $6.50ea (6 avail –was $13.95)
#3006 Light Unit Ho-O Non Rev 2.0A uses 1.5V bulb $2.50ea (6 avail was $6.98)
#2200 System B Sound Car unit kit $3.50 ea (3 avail was $9.50)
#2201 System B Engines Unit kit $2.50 ea (2 avail- was$5.50)
#2202 System C Sound Car kit $2.50 ea (3 avail-was $5.50)
#2203 System C Engine kit $2 ea (3 avail-was $3.50)
#6001 Diesel Powered Loco Kit $3.50ea (3 avail)
#1930 Air Pump Compound $12.50 (was $34.95)
#1940 Air Pump Single Phase $12.50 ea (was $34.95)
#1330 Echo Module/ Reverb Effect $6 ea (5 avail)
#1300 Articulated Engine Synchro kit $1.50 ea (3 avail)
#1370 Ultra small SPDT (on-off) switch $2.50ea ((10 avail)
#1339 Sub Miniature Connector 1 pin $5 ea (6 avail)
#1341 Sub Miniature Connector 3 pin $7 ea (4 avail)
#1342 Sub Miniature Connector 4 pin $8 ea (4 avail)
#1350 Battery Holder (small) $3 ea (3 avail)
#3010 Shrink Sleeve assortment $2.25 (3 avail)






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